2019 Breakout Schedule

Monday @ 3:30 P.M.

  • Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew – Steve Turnbull
  • Keynote Q&A – Greg Finke
  • What is a Millennial – Aaron Thompson
  • Organizational Behavior – John Lewis
  • LCMC Lutheran Men – Wilson Metz
  • Retirement Planning – Tom Luing
  • Discipling the Next Generation – Sam Dittrich & Gabby Arland
  • Immanuel Prayer – Dean Wheeler
  • Meet and Greet – Stephen Anenson
  • Introduction to Church Planting – Dan Clites
  • Call Committee Coaches – Linda Krei, Nathan Hanson, & Perry Fruhling

Tuesday @ 2:30 P.M.

  • Ministry Board Talk – Steve Turnbull
  • Theology – Julie Smith
  • Keynote Q&A – Grace Johnson
  • Interim Ministry – Steve Abend & Dawn Spies
  • Confirmation Ministry – Bill Pohl & Mary Ellen Steinkraus
  • Retirement Planning – Tom Luing
  • Spousal Support – Sherri Tyler & Rachel Haseley
  • Congregational Care – Becki Bork
  • Listening to the Holy Spirit – Mike Bradley
  • Listening to your People – Mark Vander Tuig
  • Certification Interviewer Training – Sandy Miller
  • Church Doctor – Tracee Swank & Kent Hunter

Tuesday @ 4:00 P.M.

  • Board Talk – Brodie Taphorn, Julie Smith
  • Interim Ministry – Steve Abend & Dawn Spies
  • What is a Millennial – Aaron Thompson
  • HR Policies for Congregations – Linda Krei
  • Confirmation Ministry – Bill Pohl & Mary Ellen Steinkraus
  • Retirement Planning – Tom Luing
  • Leading Through Change – Marcus Carlson
  • Bible Study – Jim Cords
  • Pastoral Succession – Tim White
  • Conflict Resolution – Perry Fruhling
  • Introduction to Church Planting – Dan Clites
  • Church Doctor – Tracee Swank & Kent Hunter

Keynote Q & A

Greg Finke, Executive Director, Dwelling114.org
Grace Johnson, Education Administrator, The Master's Institute Seminary

This session offers participants a chance to further explore the topic that our keynote speaker has offered.

Board Q & A

Brodie Taphorn & Julie Smith, LCMC Board of Trustees

If you are a visitor to the gathering, new to LCMC or if you’ve been a part of the association for some time but still have questions about our fellowship, join us.  We will answer the questions that people most frequently ask about LCMC and any other questions you may have about the association.

Ministry Board Q & A

Steve Turnbull, LCMC Ministry Board

Our Ministry Board meets on a regular basis and responds to questions, concerns, and opportunities for pastors and call committees.  This is also a time for questions and answers from members of the Ministry Board.

Meet & Greet

Stephen Anenson, LCMC Iowa District Coordinator

If you are open for or considering a new call or ministry position, or if you are representing a congregation in the call process, this is an opportunity to mingle.  Enjoy the opportunity to meet others in transition.

Stephen has been a LCMC pastor for many years and has served as a pastoral ministry certifier, call committee coach, and member of the national ministry board. Currently he is the Coordinator for the Iowa District.

Introduction to Church Planting:
The Hardest and Best Thing You’ll Ever Do!

Dan Clites, LCMC Coordinator for Church Planting Development

Discover answers to your questions about practical efforts and resources to plant missional churches that impact your city for Christ.  Hear from Dan Clites, our LCMC Coordinator for Church Planting Development, as well as from some of our experienced planters. 

Dan has been serving the LCMC as its Coordinator for Church Planting Development for nearly 7-years now, daily coaching and mentoring our church planters and launch teams.  Prior to his current call, Dan started and led Rejoice! in Northfield, MN (now Hosanna-Northfield) for over a decade, as well as congregations in Cannon Falls, Brainerd and Clearwater, MN.  Dan and his wife, Joanne, live in Prior Lake, MN.  They have two adults daughters, one son-in-law and two awesome grandkids.

Spousal Support

Sherri Tyler, Wife of a Senior Pastor, Mother of Five, Grandmother of Five &
Rachel Haseley, Wife of an Associate/Campus Pastor and Church Planter, New Mom of a Little Man Under One, Lutheran Church of the Master, Omaha, NE

God called me to be the spouse of a pastor. How can I respond to His Calling in our congregation while remaining committed to my first call; my marriage and my family?

About Sherri:  My husband and I met in college 41 years ago and I married him and followed him to seminary 2 years later! We have 5 children; 3 by birth and 2 by adoption. I have my masters degree in Elementary Education and currently work in the field of Real Estate.

About Rachel:  My family was leading Contemporary Worship music at a community outreach event that my husband organized. We met, began dating in 2014, and married in July of 2017. We were called to start a church plant together, began our family, and moved halfway across the country to Lutheran Church of the Master in 2018. I went from teaching 2nd grade to being a stay at home mama to our son Jesse! 

Pastoral Succession: An Example

Tim White, Interim Pastor, Morningside Lutheran Church

Trinity Lutheran Church in Columbus, Nebraska was approaching a daunting succession hurdle.  Pastor White will tell the story and describe the process and planning that enabled the congregation to move ahead with confidence through an extended period of changes in leadership.  This breakout will also include an open discussion of pastoral transitions generally and what congregations can do to effect a smooth succession.

Pastor White was called to pastoral ministry while serving overseas in the Air Force.  He pastored at St. John's Lutheran Church in Evansville, Wisconsin and at Trinity Lutheran Church in Columbus, Nebraska, where he experienced (or was part of) multiple pastoral transitions.  About one year ago he retired from Trinity, but as he likes to say, "I don't get to tell God when I'm done."  He currently serves as Interim Pastor at Morningside Lutheran Church in Sioux City, Iowa.  Pastor Tim and Cindy enjoy spending time with their two grown daughters, sons-in-law and seven grandchildren.

Church Doctor

Kent R. Hunter, Founder, Church Doctor Ministries
Tracee J. Swank, Leader, Church Doctor Ministries

  • Breakout Session 2
    Biblical Church Governance That Works: Field Tested, Effective, Totally Different

    The result of thirteen years of biblical research and ten more years of implementation in Lutheran churches (and several other denominations), this approach greatly simplifies decision-making focused on God’s will. This is NOT another approach modified from the business world. Discover a proven strategy to Biblical decision making and leadership development.
  • Breakout Session 3
    Return to Civility: Equipping Church Workers with Biblical Respect

    The decay of civil communication in our society is creeping into churches. The abuse of digital communication and the increase of gossip, slander, and libel is disrupting ministries at a growing rate. Learn how to address this in way that will have a positive impact in the church, marketplace, and world. This session will provide a free Bible study resource you can use to create an atmosphere and culture of respect throughout your church.

For over 40 years Kent has helped thousands of Christians, pastors, and ministry leaders become more effective at The Great Commission. As an enthusiastic life long learner Kent continues to find innovative ways to address the most challenging issues facing the local church today. As the founder of Church Doctor Ministries, Kent continues to coach, consult, teach, and create resources for Christians to be more effective.

As the leader of Church Doctor Ministries Tracee oversees all ministry operations and the mission advancement of the ministry. Tracee is a certified church consultant, Christian leadership coach, and Certified Story Brand Marketing Guide Coach. Through coaching, consulting, and teaching Tracee is passionate about helping Christians discover and multiply where God is moving, working, and blessing in order to transform churches, communities, and the marketplace.

Listening to the Holy Spirit: Creating a Welcoming Environment for the Holy Spirit

Mike Bradley, Director, The Alliance of Renewal Churches (ARC)

The Holy Spirit made a difference in Jesus’ life.  He made a difference in the lives of the disciples.  And He wants to make a difference in ours.  In this seminar, we will examine how to create a welcoming environment for Holy Spirit so that He can make a difference in our lives today, equipping and empowering us to impact others with God’s love and God’s power.  We will identify ways the Holy Spirit makes a difference in us; dispel a few myths; reflect on what it means to experience a release of the Spirit; and look at how we can be filled with his empowering presence.

Mike is an LCMC pastor, former President of The Master’s Institute Seminary and is currently the Director of the Alliance of Renewal Churches (ARC), which serves many leaders and churches in LCMC. He is the author of the book, Being a Safe Place for the Dangerous Kind. Mike and his wife, Debi live in Gilbert, AZ

Conflict Resolution

Perry Fruhling, LCMC Coordinator for Pastoral Ministry

Conflict is a normal part of life for followers of Christ on this side of heaven. What we need is a Biblical approach to resolving differences that works towards healing and restoration.  Whether you are experiencing personal conflict at home or in your church or organization, come to experience hands-on steps to reconciliation.

Perry Fruhling has served as the Coordinator for Pastoral Ministry for LCMC for the past year-and-a-half. He has previously served in four parishes over 30 years of ministry, the last 19 years as senior pastor.  A facilitator for Peter Steinke’s Health Congregations, Perry has been influenced through the Iowa Peace Institute, Bridgebuilders, Peacemaker Ministries, and Family Systems Counseling.

LCMC Lutheran Men

Wilson Metz, LCMC Lutheran Men

The LCMC Lutheran Men will offer an update on finances and ministry.  Over the years, the LCMC Lutheran Men has been changing from just “fund raising" for helping our churches to now adding ways to help the growth of ministry to men in our churches.  Our website has resource ideas to help your church men grow.

Leading Through Change

Marcus J. Carlson, Senior Pastor, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church

Change is difficult, especially in the church. Change is a necessarily reality, especially as we seek to help our congregations focus on the Great Commission and develop a kingdom mindset. While the Gospel of Jesus has not changed, the world has and how we lead, do ministry and life together in our congregations must. Leading change is both a blessing and a challenge. In this breakout we will explore the nature of leading change and leading through change; looking at various aspects, challenges and joys that come with change in a church setting. We will also address some practical tips and tools for leading through change in the healthiest and most effective way possible.

Dr. Marcus J. Carlson is a passionate Christ follower, husband, father, pastor, professor, speaker, writer and consultant. Marcus is thankful for the abundant life God has given him and is passionate about transformation, discipleship, leadership, building the Kingdom and coffee as the third sacrament. In his spare time he enjoys training his border collies, reading, sitting in his hot tub and enjoying the beauty of creation. You can learn more about him at revdrorange.com.

Retirement Planning

Mr. Tom Luing, CFP, EA, Capital Management Associates, Inc.

Attend one of the retirement breakout sessions with Tom Luing, Capital Management Associates. Tom is the Financial Advisor on the LCMC 403(b) Retirement Plan.

  • Breakout Session 1:  Retirement Basics:  Whether old or young, will you be prepared for retirement? No matter your age, you need to be the master of your money.  This session will provide you with the tools you need for a smooth journey to retirement.
  • Breakout Session 2: What to Consider When Nearing Retirement:  Do you have an action plan for retirement? In this session, we will discuss topics that will help you develop a plan, understand your distribution options and identify common roadblocks.
  • Breakout Session 3: An Introduction to Market Volatility:  Want to understand the ups and downs of the stock market? Join us as we discuss the current market, provide insights and answer your questions.

The LCMC 403(b) can help you reach your retirement goal. To enroll in the plan contact Annette LaPlant with Capital Management Associates at 952-746-1118 or email: alaplant@cap-mgt.com.

Immanuel Prayer: Praying the Presence of Jesus

Dean Wheeler, Senior Pastor, Shepherd of the Lakes Church

We will spend the first part of our time looking at the Biblical practice of experiencing the presence of Jesus through ‘fixing your eyes on Jesus’ and the ramifications of this spiritual discipline in the daily life of the Christian. In the second part of the hour we will learn, a simple, memorable and reproducible way through prayer, to practice the presence of Jesus who is Immanuel, God with us. 

Dean is married to Rev. Lisa Stafford.  They live in Waupaca, Wisconsin where Dean leads Shepherd of the Lakes Church.  Dean is a graduate of Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and a native of central California.

Certification Interviewer Training

Sandy Miller, LCMC Ministry Board

This session is for Certification Interview Team leaders who have not yet had this training or viewed the video from last year’s Annual Gathering.  In this session, we will discuss our certification requirements, interview process and its purpose, and key elements of the interview itself.  We will also train participants on the appropriate use of our forms and procedures to help ensure consistency in the interview process throughout our growing association. 

Sandy is a lover of Jesus Christ and is passionate to share His life-changing Gospel with all she meets.  She is a graduate of the Master’s Institute Seminary and has been serving as pastor of First Lutheran Church in Hope, MN since 2011. She is also a member of the LCMC Ministry Board.

Listening to your People

Mark Vander Tuig, Service Coordinator, LCMC

We will focus on the ways in which a pastor and leadership teams can hear from the people of the congregation in constructive and helpful ways.  From surveys, to phone calls, to handouts and more, we will look at the different means by which we can hear of the concerns, hopes and dreams of our people.  In addition, the breakout will include strategies to help the members of congregations listen to the voices of its community.

Mark is a charter member of LCMC and currently serves as the Service Coordinator of the association.  Mark has 39 years in the vocation of ministry, and also has training in counseling, chemical dependency and the studies of leadership.  Mark is married to Candice since August 10th, 1974 and they have two daughters, both married, and three grandchildren.

Faith Formation: Re-visioned & Revitalized Confirmation Ministry

Mary Ellen Steinkraus, Temporary Co-Pastor, Every Tribe and Tongue &
William A Pohl, B.S. Chemistry/Physics/Education & M. Divinity

Are you concerned about the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of your current confirmation ministry? Come join us in conversation to discern causes of failure and learn how a proven family-centered model of confirmation ministry / faith formation–both Biblical and Lutheran–can transform and enliven the faith of your entire congregation!

Mary Ellen Steinkraus has a Masters of Divinity, an MBA, and a B.A. in Mathematics.  Her pastoral experience includes both Lead Pastor and Associate Pastor. Her other experience includes College Math Instructor, Instructor and Product Manager in Computer Industry, Middle School and High School Math Teacher.

William A Pohl has a B.S. in Chemistry, Physics, and Education and a Masters of Divinity.  He has clergy experience as a Campus Pastor, Youth Pastor, Lead Pastor, Interim Pastor and Consulting Pastor.  Beyond clergy experience he has worked at a US Food & Drug Lab, as a research chemist, and a high school and middle school teacher.

Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew

Steve Turnbull, Senior Pastor, Upper Arlington Lutheran Church

The portrait of Jesus that is painted in the Gospel of Matthew is beautiful and compelling for many reasons. Matthew shows us the image of God-with-us, who fulfills the story of the Old Testament, and teaches us how to write the story of our own lives. In this breakout we will learn to appreciate the unique features of Matthew’s portrait of Jesus as well as those he shares with the other Gospel artists. This session is designed for anyone who wants to learn from Matthew about Jesus and might be of special, practical interest to anyone preaching from Year A (Matthew) in the lectionary this coming year.

Steve is the senior pastor at Upper Arlington Lutheran Church and serves on the Ministry Board for LCMC. He teaches classes in New Testament and Biblical theology. Steve and his wife Amy live with their two children in Columbus, Ohio. He like strong coffee, mountains, and deep dish pizza.

Intentional Interim Ministry

Steve Abend and Dawn Spies, Intentional Interim Pastors

  • Breakout Session #2 (Pastor Focus):  Do you have what it takes?  This breakout is designed to assist pastors to discern if they are called into the specialized ministry as an intentional interim pastor. We will be looking at the five process tasks that Loren Mead sets out on his system of intentional interim ministry.  We will also be exploring what gifts and personality types that are best suited for intentional interim ministry.  Finally, you will be able to ask questions about intentional interim ministry with trained intentional interim pastors.  Dawn has served in a variety of ways as an intentional interim pastor/consultant
  • Breakout Session #3 (Congregation Focused):  We will look at Loren Meads eight stages of the interim time and the five developmental task the congregation can engage in during the interim period. There will be a question and answer time with congregational members who are in the intentional interim process now and trained intentional interim pastors.  Steve was trained in 2009 by North American Interim Lutheran Pastors (NALIP) and has severed in the capacity as an intentional interim pastor for over a decade.

Organizational Behavior: Solving Problems in a Non-Problematic Way

John Lewis, Executive Pastor, Lutheran Church of the Master

All organizations, especially churches, deal with conflict and crisis.  Let’s face it, living our faith and mission as a group of individuals called to be together is challenging and has been problematic from the beginning. How we prepare for these challenges and how we respond as they occur make all the difference. We will explore real world, practical, time-tested, Biblical principles that guide church leaders through conflict, change and difficult situations in a non-problematic way.

John Lewis has been developing operation, human resource, marketing and financial strategies for churches and companies for more than 25 years. Before receiving the call into pastoral ministry, John worked for large corporations in sales, management and human resource.  He is the first graduate of the Master of Divinity program from the Institute of Lutheran Theology, is married with three children and an active coach.

CALLING Y’ALL: Call Committee Coaches (and Other Interested “Wanna Bs”!)

Linda Krei & Nathan Hanson, LCMC Ministry Board
Perry Fruhling, LCMC Coordinator for Pastoral Ministry

This workshop is for anyone interested in learning more about the LCMC recommended call committee process as outlined in the recently updated call packet on the LCMC website, along with the importance of the call committee coach role and what is expected in order to become equipped to support, guide, and serve LCMC Congregations in their local call processes.

Church HR: Need to Know; Want to Know and More!

Linda Krei, LCMC Ministry Board

Inquiring minds want to know!  This workshop is for anyone interested in learning more about effective administrative practices and human resource functions, including recommended guidelines with helpful checklists to be utilized and implemented in your own congregation.  Most importantly will be facilitated conversation regarding the questions you may have.  Get It!  Got It?  Do It! 

Discipling the Next Generation: Making Disciples that Make Disciples

Sam Dittrich & Gabby Arland, Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church (Afton, MN)

We understand the “what” of Jesus’ final words to his disciples in Matthew 28:19, but have we stopped to develop a “how?” As culture shifts and generations change, how do we effectively fulfill the Great Commission in a way that is fruitful for the Kingdom? 

An Iowa transplant, Sam came to Shepherd of the Valley in 2009 and has been doing student ministry for 14 years. It’s what he’s been passionate about since high school. He loves Chipotle, tall americanos, and aspires to create a word that is added to the dictionary. Sam has been married to his wife Christina for 10 years and together they have 3 kids: Addison, Sawyer, and Brinnley. Sam holds a Bachelors degree from North Central University and Masters of Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Gabby got her start in ministry at Shepherd as a student. She then became a small group leader, an intern, and now is the leader of the student ministry. She felt God leading her into ministry and she pursued a ministry degree from Bethel University. You can find Gabby reading, playing broomball, or watching Badger basketball with her brothers (she's a triplet!). 

Congregational Care: Care Isn’t Just For Pastors

Becki Bork, Director of Congregational Care, Upper Arlington Lutheran Church

Small church, big church…it doesn’t matter - caring for the congregation is an essential (and often time consuming) part of life in the church. Join me to hear about moving from a structure where care is done primarily by pastors, to a model that utilizes the gifts and talents of the congregation creating a team that will share the blessings of caring for one another, building a culture of care. 

Becki has been on staff at UALC for 14 years working in areas that she is passionate about – care and worship. In her role as Director of Congregational Care, she oversees ministries related to spiritual, emotional, and physical care. She believes caring for and loving one another is a key piece of discipleship and firmly believes that care is most effective when it is a involves pastors and lay people. 


Julie Smith, Pastor of St. Johns Lutheran Church, Dean of Students at St. Paul Lutheran Seminary

When talking about God, as soon as we say anything more than Jesus’ name we are doing theology. In this breakout we will discuss some of the unique aspects of Lutheran theology and how they shape the life and witness of a congregation, and what is at stake when we abandon core Lutheran commitments.

Julie Smith is Pastor of St. Johns Lutheran Church and Dean of Students at St. Paul Lutheran Seminary.

What is a Millennial

Aaron Thompson, Upper Arlington Lutheran Church

Come talk with others about the difficult task of reaching, leading and empowering Millennials (and Gen Z!) in your church. We’ll look together at research from Fuller Youth Institute and the Barna Group, and share from our own personal successes and failures in ministry to adults under 40. Plus, in honor of Millennials, we’ll have guacamole and La Croix on hand.

Aaron Thomspon has been doing ministry for the past 15 years: working with youth ministry, preaching, adult education and worship. He’s passionate about seeing churches invest in the next generation of leaders for the sake of the Kingdom. When he’s not doing ministry, Aaron loves spending time with his wife Anne and his son Julian. He also loves rock climbing, movies, board games and just recently finished the Harry Potter series, about which he has a lot of hot takes ready to be shared.

Bible Study

Jim Cords, LCMC Ministry Board

We will learn to hear God speak through the Bible utilizing several study techniques that help us to hear more clearly the voice of God in and through the text of the Bible. These approaches will be especially helpful for those who are looking to understand the deeper meaning of the text whether you are new to Bible Study or, like me, have been studying it for 40+ years.