Frequently Asked Questions

Due to ongoing changes in how individual states and counties are relaxing the protocols for social interaction, we have made some changes to the usual way our Annual Gathering & Convention is structured.  If circumstance demands, we will adjust our 2020 program accordingly, as always, praying for discernment.  For the most up to date info, click here.

How will this year's Annual Gathering & Convention differ from previous years?

  • Limited Registration:  Registration is first come, first served and limited 250 people.  Registration for this year is limited to voting delegates only.  To help allow our staff to track and limit attendance, registration for this year’s Annual Gathering is online only.
  • Online Viewing and Participation:  We plan to offer a more interactive experience for those who will be watching the event remotely. 
  • Schedule Changes:  This year's Annual Gathering will take place for one day only on Monday, October 5.  All breakout sessions, fellowship and networking activities, and vendors have been cancelled for 2020.

What is a Voting Delegate?

  • A voting delegate is an authorized representative of any congregation that is eligible to vote during the business session of the Annual Gathering.  There is a limit of 2 per congregation unless average weekly attendance exceeds 500 people. One additional delegate is allowed for every additional 250 in weekly attendance. If you are not sure whether you will serve as a delegate for your congregation, please contact your pastor before registering. 

What about the business session?

  • The constitution for LCMC requires us to meet annually to respond to the needs of our association, such as approving the annual budget and the election of members to our board of trustees.  In light of the current circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions on the number of people permitted to gather together are currently in place to limit the spread of the virus.  Consequently, the leadership of LCMC has proposed that we extend our current budget, as well as the positions currently held by board members in areas two and four, into 2021.  We hope that by next year, it will again be safe again for us to hold larger gatherings and at that time, our plan is to resume business as usual.  Should you have any concerns, please email them to Sharon MacFadyen by no later than September 30, 2020 so your thoughts on this matter can be reviewed and taken into consideration. 

Do I have to register in advance?

  • The deadline to register for our 2020 Annual Gathering is September 30

Can my special needs or food allergies be accommodated?

  • LCMC wishes to make the Annual Gathering accessible to all.  If you have any special needs, such as disabilities or food allergies, please let us know in advance by indicating so on your advance registration form.  With prior knowledge, we will make every effort possible to accommodate reasonable requests.

Who should I contact for questions about my hotel?

  • General hotel amenities and transportation info is listed on our Hotel & Area Information page as well as on the hotel website.  If you have any specific questions regarding your hotel, please contact the hotel directly. 

What should I bring? 

  • The Usual Suggestions:  While the temperature of a convention space is carefully maintained by the staff of any venue, the same temperature may not be comfortable to everybody.  For this reason, we suggest dressing in layers for this event.  Comfortable shoes are also highly recommended.  You may also want to consider bringing a few pens or pencils for taking notes.  Business cards can also be helpful for exchanging contact information.
  • COVID-19:  For more information on COVID-19 and to review the current guidelines on how to help protect yourself, visit the CDC's guidelines at

When will more information be available?

  • We post updated information on the Annual Gathering to our our website, blog, Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis.  We also send out an e-newsletter once each month with our top announcements and a lost of upcoming events.  If you are unable to find what you are looking for now, please check back at a later date, as new details will be posted as soon as they become available.  If you'd like to be directly notified of any news regarding this event, download our app and opt-in to receive Annual Gathering notifications.  [Here's How]

Where can I find parking information?

  • Free parking is available on site.

Will Wi-Fi be available?

  • Yes.