[Annual Gathering 2015 series] http://lcmc.net/ag-books/feed?series=12 Download digital copies of our Annual Gathering books by clicking on the links below. en-us 2015 Annual Gathering: Our DNA http://www.solapublishing.com/ag-books/2015-annual-gathering-our-dna/a668.html Sun, 04 Oct 15 00:00:00 +0000 Below is the digital edition of our 2015 Annual Gathering Book. 

Our Annual Gathering Book contains detailed information on the event's programming, informational business/reference-related materials, and most recently, photographs and stories from LCMC's own member congregations.  

Please Note:  This document is intended for personal use by individuals and congregations only.  Please do not sell or distribute copies of this book without our permission.  Thanks!