2012 Annual Gathering Videos Now Available Online

The first of the 12th Annual Gathering videos from Denver have been posted online at our website, and can be found on our Video & Presentations page. 
To view additional videos from this and other events, please keep checking back regularly, as new presentation materials are added as they become available. 
Videos from the 2012 Annual Gathering will, in general, be posted in the following order:
  1. State of the Association
  2. Keynote Speakers*
  3. Preachers*
  4. Bible Study Leaders*
  5. Select Breakout Sessions

The editing process is quite time-consuming, however we do hope to get the remaining videos posted to our website as soon as possible.  Thank you again for your continued patience.

* Please Note:  Due to various technical difficulties, the following videos cannot be made available:

  • Rev. Phil Reimers
  • Rev. Reggie McNeal (part one only)
  • Rev. Sean Kelly

Should any of these videos become available to our staff, they will be posted here.

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