2020 Youth Event Canceled

Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ's Called 2: Love youth event, scheduled for July 21-24, 2020 at Grand View University, has been canceled. 

"The deadline for registration was today and as of 11 am CST we had only 77 people signed up and needed 200 to break even," said Mark Vander Tuig, service coordinator of LCMC.  "This is understandable for youth groups and youth leaders with the days ahead to be so uncertain and the current climate quite restrictive.  Groups can’t even meet to have a discussion, nor able to raise funds to make the trip.  Travel plans are constantly changing and we simply can’t make the necessary financial commitments without the numbers required."

Called 2: Love participants who have already registered for the event will be contacted by LCMC and issued a refund for any deposits that have already been paid. 

Going forward, the LCMC Staff and Board of Trustees will be working together to determine whether to move the event to 2021, or to try something completely diifferent. 

"I am disappointed to say the least.  This has been a great event and I think a real blessing for all of us who have been involved, both those who have made it happen and those who have attended.  But, I am convinced that God still holds the world and our lives and ministries in the palm of His almighty hand and the Lord will use even this for a greater good and for the Kingdom." Vander Tuig said. 

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