23rd Annual Gathering & Convention - Early Bird Registration Ends August 15

What’s Waiting for You at the 2023 LCMC Annual Gathering?

When we come together in the same place at the same time with the Lord and one another, God encounters happen. This has been my experience in 40+ years of ministry.

For some, it’s hearing a timely word of comfort or encouragement from the Lord. For others, it might be a word of revelation and guidance that He provides for their congregation or for they, themselves. Still others are encountered by God as they worship in song, come to the Lord’s table, or as they pray for others, or are prayed for themselves.

All of this and more may be in store for us as we gather together October 1-4 in St. Charles, MO (just minutes away from St. Louis) for this year’s LCMC Annual Gathering & Convention, All Hands on Deck.

I have been part of planning and hosting retreats, seminars, classes, conferences, and annual gatherings for over four decades. One might think it gets old, all that planning, all those details. Yet, I never cease to marvel at how the Lord works in and through both the schedule we put in place, and according to His own agenda for us.

This year’s theme is All Hands on Deck, and make no mistake, we need you all there. Your presence will be important. So, go online today to www.lcmc.net/annual-gathering and register for this year’s annual gathering before the early bird registration ends on August 15. 

What is waiting for you at this year’s LCMC Annual Gathering? One sure answer to that question is this: The everywhere, already presence of our good good Father in Heaven who is determined to be good to us, and through us, to thousands of others!

We hope to see you there!


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