An Announcement on Staff Transition

Dear Pastors and Members of LCMC Congregations,

This communique is to inform you of a transition for Perry Fruhling. Perry has served as LCMC’s Coordinator for Pastoral Ministry for the past five years but is now sensing a need to return to parish ministry.
He writes, “During the past six to nine months, my wife, Marlys, and I have been discussing the need for me to return home and to parish ministry.  While it has been my pleasure to minister in congregations across the country, to attend many LCMC meetings, and to give workshops and seminars in districts and fellowships, we desire to return to life in community in a parish setting.”
He goes on to say, “I am grateful for the support of Service Coordinator, Mike Bradley (and previously, Mark Vander Tuig), in my work throughout the years, along with the entire LCMC staff. I also deeply appreciate the support of the Ministry Board.”
As Perry transitions back into the parish, we will take this opportunity to reshape and redefine responsibilities for a new role on the LCMC staff which can help us carry out the goals of LCMC 3.0 as established by the Board of Trustees in our strategic-operational plan. We will keep the association informed of our process in creating and filling this position. In the interim, if you have any questions regarding areas of responsibility that Perry has filled on the LCMC association staff, reach out to Mike Bradley.
For now, we say thank you to Perry for his love for the Lord and for you as an association. We pray that God blesses our brother in Christ with the Lord’s favor in whatever new opportunity God leads him to embrace in this next season of life and ministry. Thank you, Perry! And God bless you!

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