Annual Gathering :: Tuesday Highlights

The 2011 LCMC Annual Gathering continued into Tuesday, October 4 with a full day's worth of programming.

Attenders of the event appeared to be in high spirits throughout the course of the day.

Rev. David Preus and Rev. TJ Anderson addressed the crowd on Tuesday morning.

The day continued with a presentation on international focus efforts and business announcements, followed by the last two time slots for breakout sessions.

Delegates from LCMC congregations met later that afternoon for area caucuses and the election of Board members.

Rev. Becky Lee and Rev. Martha Nelson were both re-elected to the LCMC Board of Trustees for another three year term.

The evening concluded with dinner and dessert at the Polk County Convention Complex, followed by dramatic portrayal of the story of the Gospel by AWAKEN Ministries.

At the end of the evening, Cathy Nichol, LCMC Administrative Assistant, and Sharon MacFadyen, LCMC Director of Operations, reported walk-in registrations for twenty one individuals for the day.

The four-day event will conclude on Wednesday afternoon.

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