Annual Gathering :: Wednesday Wrap-Up

The LCMC 11th Annual Gathering concluded in the early afternoon on Wednesday, October 5.

Bible Study Leader Rev. Carl Billings of Discover Church was the first to present on Wednesday morning.

His talk was followed by a presentation by Keynote Speaker Rev. Dr. Gemechis D. Buba, Missions Director of the North American Lutheran Church.

"Buba really set the tone well," commented Robert Thompson, who was in the audience during the morning program.

After a half-hour break, the fourth and final day of the gathering concluded with a closing worship service, during which Rev. Jaynan Clark preached a sermon.

As the festivities in Des Moines came to a close, people were eager to share their feedback on this year's experience with the LCMC staff.

"It's been uplifting," commented Donna Thompson of the 11th Annual Gathering as a whole.

"All in all, I thought it was a positive experience," said Kathy Williams of Minneapolis, who was a first-time attender of the event.  "I thought the speakers were excellent.  I feel inspired, and I feel the need to take that back with me."

"I come to these things to get recharged," said Rev. Mark Schimmel, who is a seasoned participant of LCMC Annual Gatherings.

In addition to inspiration, those who attend also enjoy the opportunity to reunite with old friends and connect with new people.

"I love the camaraderie here.  That's the most important part to me.  It's almost like a big family reunion," Rev. Schimmel said.

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