By-Law Changes to be Voted on at 12th Annual Gathering

Dear Friends,
LCMC was founded in March of 2001 and its constitution and by-laws approved in October of the same year. About three years ago, it was decided that we should review those original documents and make any necessary changes, additions and deletions. Our constitution and the “pastoral admonition” have not changed—they both continue to serve our association well.

However, in reviewing our by-laws, the team assigned to this task noticed a number of editorial inconsistencies and, in addition, there were a few things missing that needed to be included, primarily in Section 2.  The Board of Trustees has reviewed their work and has approved for your consideration
the proposed by-laws.

The by-laws, with the recommended changes and additions, are being sent to you and every LCMC congregation for your review.  The changes are highlighted so that you can see what is being recommended. These by-laws will then be voted upon at our Annual Gathering in Denver, Colorado, October 7-10. There is also a break out session dedicated to this topic that if you have interest you may attend.
Rules for changing by-laws are outlined in detail in the last section of the by-laws, section 9.01.
Thank you for your commitment to and partnership in the Gospel.  I believe that God is at work in our congregations, that the name of Jesus is being proclaimed and that the Holy Spirit is in fact calling, gathering, enlightening and sanctifying his people.  I believe that our association continues to be
true to our beginning: a commitment to the authority of Scripture, a desire to fulfill the Great Commission and living in the freedom of the Gospel.

I want to express thanks to all those who have worked so diligently on this task on behalf of our Board and all of our congregations.

See you in Denver!

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