LCMC to Post Video from 2012 Annual Gathering Online, No Release Date Yet

As has been mentioned at the Gathering, on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and in our blog, video coverage, and in a few cases, presentation slides, from the presentations made at the 2012 Annual Gathering in Denver, CO will be made available in this area of our website at a later date. 
As it could take up to a few weeks for us to receive the video files from the conference, and it can take several hours to edit and upload video for each individual presentation, we are unable to announce a release date for these videos. 
Due to some of the technical issues that were experienced with the audio this year, the posting of these videos may be delayed a bit longer than anticipated. 

While we strive to make information and media available to our site users in a timely fashion, the quality and understandability of this material is also highly important.
We will be sure to announce in our blog (on the homepage of our site), as well as on Facebook and Twitter, when the first of these videos becomes available.
Those in need of immediate access to any presentation from this event may do so by visiting and searching "LCMC".
Thank you all so much for your patience.

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