Annual Gathering Feedback and Suggestions Welcome

Thank you, LCMC, for another great Annual Gathering!
We will be updating our website as soon as possible with new information regarding any news and announcements that were made at the gathering, as well as any media files that you may be looking for, as information becomes available.
If you have not yet taken the time to do so, please consider filling out an evaluation form to let us know what you thought of this year's gathering. 
We do take the time to read through each and every evaluation form that we receive, whether it is submitted through our website, by mail, or in person at the gathering.
Your feedback, ideas and suggestions are taken into account by the Staff and Board of Trustees of LCMC in the planning of future events.  
So that we are able to have all of this information processed in time for our next Board of Trustees meeting, please be sure that we are able to receive your evaluations no later than Friday, October 26, 2012.
For your convenience, this form is available at our website at the following link:
Thanks for your help!

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