Take Back The Sabbath

Over thirty years ago the Churches were attended by 26% Christians at any given Sunday. Today Barna states that number has dropped to 17.5% on any given Sunday. A few years ago the United States was declared the fourth largest mission field.  Wake up America! We need to stop this decline in order to avoid following the European Nations decline of 3-5% of Churches occupied on any given Sunday.

   What could we do as a group of Christians?  We need to act upon this now. If we rally together we could help make a difference. We can't change the world ....but we can change, "ONE THING " to advance the Kingdom of God.

Hebrews 12:1-2 Compares the Christian Life to a RACE. How is the Kingdom of God more like a relay race than a marathon or a sprint?  The relay is a beautiful thing, in some ways rivaled by no other sporting event.
Beautiful, that is when it WORKS, but UGLY when it doesn't.

The amazing thing about a relay race is that no matter how excellent, talented, trained, and just plain fast the team members are, unless that baton is in the hand of the man or women who finishes the anchor leg and crosses the line, THERE IS NO VICTORY. If the baton is dropped the team is DISQUALIFIED.....no RIBBONS....no TROPHIES...no VICTORY LAP...and no GLORY.

The BATON provides a near -perfect illustration of the HEAVENLY CALLING on our lives and the LIVES OF THE GENERATION BEHIND US......OUR LEGACY OF FAITH. God ENTRUSTED US to a BATON (A LEGACY of FAITH) 
He appointed us to PASS on THAT BATON. As Ministers, Members and Parents it is our job to pass on the baton to the next generation. If they are not in Church they are not there to hear the Word, capture the message and plant it in their hearts. We need to correct this.  (1) Douglas Cherry book “Stick.” 

What keeps us from doing that? 
If our children are not in Church…they don’t hear the Word. They don’t experience the Fellowship God intended for them. When they are forced to “CHOSE” between the School event and Church…the school event usually wins.  If the student doesn’t practice or rehearse before the event (Sunday morning) they are unable to participate in that event. 
Matthew 10:8
Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received.
What a simple ordination. Take what you received from Me and give it to OTHERS.
We can do this.  
We need to get the parents and students back in the Churches so that they are able to be there to hear the message and are able to pass the baton on to the next generation.
How Do We Do This?
  1. Pastors/Parents need to contact your local School Superintendent and set up a meeting to talk to him/her about changing the policy of having activities on Sundays before noon.  .
  2. Parents should get involved with the PTA and challenge anyone anytime a function is being scheduled on a Sunday morning beforenoon.
  3. Gather other like- minded parents to join your cause.
  4. Run for offices in the PTA to get this passed. 
Recently I presented this to our South Monroe County Ministerial Association and they are getting on board with this as well. Your participation and your comments are appreciated. I highly recommend the book, "Stick"  for parents as a guide to help parents with passing on the baton. I believe that once we get the children back to Church they will be able to benefit by your book to pass on the baton. (1) Stick: Making the Handoff to the Next Generation.
ISBN 978-0-9839082-0-3 Copyright 2011 by Doug and Lisa Cherry Po Box 460 Carbondale, Ill 62903 Publoished by Frontline Families Ministries (www.frontlinefamilies.org)

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