Joy Lutheran Church Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Joy Lutheran, an LCMC congregation in Billings, MT will celebrate its third anniversary at a Christmas Eve candlelight service.

We currently rent space from the Billings Seventh-Day Adventist Church, a large facility which offered us a chapel setting, and encouraged us to “arrange it to our liking.”

We began our ministry with the Inerrant Word of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Our Cross and Baptismal font were chiseled from old bridge planking. Green Hymnals were given to us from various congregations and we purchased With One Voice and several Lutheran Bibles.

Recently we found seventeen pews on Craig’s List from Living Water United Methodist Church in Belgrade, MT. They generously gifted these pews to Joy.

Having had success through Craig’s List, we found Hjerdal Lutheran Church in Voltaire, ND was for sale. Our pastor, Bud Veis, contacted them via email and asked if they had the altar. Indeed, a gorgeous oak altar built in 1929, candle holders, offering plates, Bible holder, paraments and flags remained. The altar painting was an oil of Jesus praying in Gethsemane, done by artist Marie Hauge Gjelstand, would be gifted to Joy as well. When we arrived to transport the altar an engraved plague adorned the front of the altar “To our friends in Christ at Joy Lutheran Church, we rejoice with you in our risen Lord and Savior, August 2014.”  

The generosity of a Montana rancher’s donation enabled Joy Lutheran to cover transportation expenses and incidentals for the pews and altar. A dedication on Sunday September 14, 2014 for the pews and altar was followed by a traditional Lutheran potluck.

Experiencing the fulfillment of our needs has been a blessing beyond words. We have offers of another gift; a key board/organ. God’s gracious ways may someday provide a communion rail, pulpit, hymn board and banners.  

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