Over 900 Attend LCMC 17th Annual Gathering

A total of 903 people attended our 17th Annual Gathering in Minneapolis, Minnesota from October 8-11, 2017.  

The theme of this year’s event was “We Confess Our Faith” and featured keynote presentations focusing on three of the fundamental teachings of the Reformation: Justification, The Doctrine of the Two Kingdoms, and the Priesthood of All Believers.

The gathering kicked off with dinner and an opening worship service preached by Pastor Julie Samuelson on Sunday morning.  Our worship leader this year was Mr. Eric McIntyre of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Fridley, MN.  

Seminarians and church planters had an opportunity to meet up on Sunday evening for dessert and fellowship.  

Monday’s program began with worship, prayer, and Bible study, followed by a keynote panel featuring Pastor Steve Turnbull, Rev. Enrique Estrada, Rev. Tom LoVan, and Pastor Ingrid Aderhold.  

After table discussions, a networking session, and lunch, LCMC Service Coordinator Rev. Mark Vander Tuig gave an update on the association.  

The day wrapped up with a fellowship dinner, where participants had the option to get connected with a fellowship group in LCMC or simply join a general group of people for dinner at the convention center, followed by meetings for the various geographic and non-geographic districts within the association.  

Tuesday opened with worship, prayer, and Bible study followed by a dramatic portrayal of Martin Luther and his wife Katarina performed by Rev. Johan and Sonja Hinderlie.  (For more information about their ministry, check out section 5 of this year’s Annual Gathering book).  

Tuesday morning also included a keynote panel on the concept of two kingdoms featuring Dr. Ken Jones, Pastor John Kline, Rev. Dr. Pêri Rasolondraibe, and Pastor Siimon Haamer, followed by a table discussion.

On Tuesday afternoon, LCMC staff members Mark Vander Tuig and Dan Clites recognized district leaders, certifiers, new congregations, pastors, seminarians, military chaplains, and those who were celebrating significant anniversaries of ordination.  

Throughout the day, LCMC partnered with Days for Girls to learn about their ministry and help assemble sustainable and reusable hygiene kits for women and girls in need around the globe.  

In the evening, attendees had the option of attending a global worship service at St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of Minneapolis, viewing the movie commissioned by Thrivent Martin Luther, The Idea That Changed the World, taking part in a pop-up worship session, or taking part in one of several different meet and greet sessions.  

After worship, prayer, and Bible study on Wednesday morning, LCMC Board of Trustees Chair Rev. Sean Kelly thanked pastors Martha Uecker Nelson and Christopher Miller for their service on the board and announced that pastors Sue Gunderson (Area 4) and John Fauerbach (Area 2) were newly elected.  

Current Board of Trustees officers for LCMC consist of pastors Sean Kelly (Chair), Brodie Taphorn (Vice Chair), Darrin Vick (Secretary), and Mrs. Laurel Swanson (Treasurer).  

The event concluded with a keynote panel featuring Rev. Julie Smith, Mrs. Jennifer Desarmo, Rev. Bill Moberly, and Dr. Kyle Fever, followed by a closing worship service preached by Rev. Dave Wollan.  

Videos of the speakers from this year’s event will be available on our website and in our mobile app in winter 2018.  We will make an announcement via e-newsletter, blog, and mobile app when our videos have been posted, so stay tuned! 

Our next Annual Gathering will take place October 7-10, 2018 in Des Moines, IA.

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