Connecting, Equipping and Caring for Leaders

Connecting, equipping, and caring for leaders.  This has been a passion of mine throughout my forty-two years of vocational ministry as a youth minister, associate pastor, lead pastor, seminary president, and now as Service Coordinator for LCMC.

With that in mind, I am looking forward with much anticipation to attending and helping lead the annual meeting for LCMC District and Fellowship Group leaders, along with our newest staff member, Julie Smith. We’ll be meeting on June 15-16, 2021 at Hosanna Lutheran Church in St. Charles, IL.

This gathering will be a time for building relationships that are authentic and safe, and exploring how we can serve existing districts and fellowship groups while also creating new ones so that we can be connecting, equipping, and caring for you as leaders, and for your congregations.

Along with this, I am looking forward to finding venues and opportunities to meet with LCMC leaders and congregations who are not part of a district or fellowship group.  I’d love to find ways to bring that same heart for connecting, equipping, and caring to bear upon my own relationship with you, and learning how we as a national staff can serve you in your call to the mission of the gospel.

Connecting, equipping, and caring for leaders in LCMC because we love you, value you, and are thankful to God for you!

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