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Greenford Lutheran Church Installs Joshua T. RuiterBlog2024-06-03
Home Maintenance - The Joy of Sharing the LoadMike BradleyBlog2024-05-28
LCMC 403(b) Retirement Account Tips for Online Account Access and Beneficiary DesignationBlog2024-05-28
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Confessions of a Church PlanterBlog2024-04-26
LCMC 403(b) Retirement PlanBlog2024-04-23
Hurry...the LCMC Youth Gathering Registration Deadline is April 1LCMC Blog2024-03-26
Pastors Directory ChangesChristian HuntleyBlog2024-03-25
The Power of RelationshipsChristian HuntleyBlog2024-03-25
Wills Do Not Cover Retirement Plan Accounts – You Must Designate a Beneficiary!Blog2024-03-22
Successful Succession - Providing for Tomorrow’s Saints TodayBlog2024-02-26
LCMC 403(b) Retirement PlanBlog2024-02-22
Growth and Continuing EducationChristian HuntleyBlog2024-01-29
Sharing Our God Stories - Billy Bob Fred Joe and StanMike BradleyBlog2024-01-26
Vision Planning for DistrictsJulie SmithBlog2024-01-25
Register Now - 2024 National Youth GatheringKristy ThomasBlog2023-12-01
Upcoming List ChangesChristian HuntleyBlog2023-11-20
Three Days of Prayer - Let Us PrayMike BradleyBlog2023-11-17
23rd Annual Gathering & Convention Recap - Here's What You Need to KnowKristy ThomasBlog2023-10-11
23rd Annual Gathering & Convention Livestream - Here's How to Watch OnlineKristy ThomasBlog2023-10-01
Ministering to the MinistersChristian HuntleyBlog2023-08-30
Zoom Workshop - Tips for Healthy Relationships and ConversationsBlog2023-08-28
Methods for Determining Your Housing AllowanceBlog2023-08-24
23rd Annual Gathering & Convention - Early Bird Registration Ends August 15Mike BradleyBlog2023-07-22
Clergy Housing Allowance Tax Benefit AvailableBlog2023-07-21
Rich Resources!Christian HuntleyBlog2023-07-21
You Are Invited to Get Excited About Global MissionsBlog2023-07-21
Lord, Do Whatever!Mike BradleyBlog2023-06-28
Retirement Planning PrinciplesBlog2023-06-26
LCMC 403(b) Retirement Plan for New LCMC Congregations and PastorsBlog2023-05-30
Connecting and Caring for LeadersChristian HuntleyBlog2023-05-25
Register Now - 23rd Annual Gathering & ConventionKristy ThomasBlog2023-04-25
We’re On It – An Update on the Small Church SurveyMike BradleyBlog2023-04-24
LCMC 403(b) Retirement Plan DistributionsBlog2023-04-24
Life Together GroupsMike BradleyBlog2023-03-28
LCMC 403(b) Retirement Plan: Reminder to Designate a BenificiaryBlog2023-03-28
New Addition to LCMC Staff - Welcome Christian Huntley!Mike BradleyBlog2023-02-13
LCMC 3.0: A Season of Continuity and ChangeBlog2023-02-13
LCMC Retirement Plan UpdateBlog2023-02-13
An Announcement on Staff TransitionLCMC Blog2022-12-14
Videos from our 22nd Annual Gathering & ConventionLCMC Blog2022-11-03
22nd Annual Gathering & Convention Wrap-Up - Here's What You Need to KnowKristy ThomasBlog2022-10-06
Plan Now - 11th Annual Three Days of PrayerMike BradleyBlog2022-09-23
Water 4 KidsBlog2022-09-08
2022 Youth Gathering RecapBlog2022-08-24
New Call OrientationPerry FruhlingBlog2022-07-26
LCMC’s Annual Gathering & Convention: What Does God Have in Store for You?Mike BradleyBlog2022-07-22
Upcoming Conflict Training OpportunitiesPerry FruhlingBlog2022-07-21
LCMC 403(b) Retirement Plan Cyber SecurityBlog2022-07-20
A Gathering of Worship & PrayerMike BradleyBlog2022-06-28
LCMC 403(b) Retirement Plan – Housing Allowance Distributions During RetirementBlog2022-06-27
LCMC Retirement Plan – What Church Councils/Boards Should KnowBlog2022-05-24
Register Now - 2022 Seminarian RetreatLCMC Blog2022-05-24
Register Now - 22nd Annual Gathering & ConventionKristy ThomasBlog2022-04-25
Retired Pastors and Spouses RetreatBlog2022-04-22
LCMC Retirement Plan - Designate a BeneficiaryBlog2022-04-15
LCMC Youth Event Registration Closes April 1Kristy ThomasBlog2022-03-28
Small Churches: A Priority in LCMC 3.0Mike BradleyBlog2022-02-23
New Retirement Plan AppBlog2022-02-21
Kentucky Congregation Assists Community in Wake of TornadoBlog2022-02-18
Getting to Know Our Districts and FellowshipsJulie SmithBlog2022-01-26
Get Ready, Three Days of Prayer Begins January 4Kristy ThomasBlog2021-12-22
Prayer: Keep it Simple. Keep it Real. Keep it Up.Blog2021-12-21
LCMC Health Plan InformationLCMC Blog2021-12-03
2022 National Youth Event - Registration is Open!LCMC Blog2021-11-22
Online Event: Conflict Coaches TrainingPerry FruhlingBlog2021-11-17
A Crucial Journey Together: Three Days of PrayerBlog2021-11-17
Payroll Made Simple with MinistryWorksLCMC Blog2021-11-16
LCMC Just Held Its 21st Annual Gathering & Convention - Here's Everything You Need to KnowKristy ThomasBlog2021-10-11
Watch Live - 21st Annual Gathering & ConventionKristy ThomasBlog2021-10-01
Registration for the Annual Gathering is ClosedLCMC Blog2021-09-16
LCMC Group Health Plan AnnouncementSharon MacFaydenBlog2021-09-09
Now Closed - 21st Annual Gathering & Convention RegistrationLCMC Blog2021-09-07
Save The Date for Our Next National Youth EventKristy ThomasBlog2021-09-01
Annual Gathering and Convention UpdateKristy ThomasBlog2021-08-25
LCMC to Offer Congregational Conflict Team TrainingPerry FruhlingBlog2021-08-23
Advanced Intentional Interim Ministry Training Returns for 2022Blog2021-08-19
District & Fellowship Coordinators Meeting RecapJulie SmithBlog2021-07-27
FREE Webinar - When People Come in HotBlog2021-07-23
We Need Your Help!Mike BradleyBlog2021-07-14
Please Join Us for a Conversation on Racial HealingBlog2021-05-25
An Ancient Prayer for Ministry and MissionMike BradleyBlog2021-05-12
LCMC to Offer Monthly Zoom Meetings for Youth LeadersBlog2021-05-07
Safe Place - FREE WebinarLCMC Blog2021-05-06
Relief Funds Help Congregations and Pastors in NeedBlog2021-04-27
The Purpose of Districts and Fellowships in LCMCJulie SmithBlog2021-04-26
Register Now! - 21st Annual Gathering and ConventionKristy ThomasBlog2021-04-06
Connecting, Equipping and Caring for LeadersMike BradleyBlog2021-03-29
The Joy of an Overseas Mission TripBlog2021-03-03
Meet Our Newest Staff Member!Mike BradleyBlog2021-02-24
The Essential Role of Youth Ministry in Our ChurchesBlog2021-02-22
Intentional Interim Ministry Training Goes Digital for 2021Blog2021-02-04
LCMC Lutheran Men to Reorganize Funding ProgramBlog2021-01-29
Three Days of Prayer Recap - Congregations Begin New Year with Time of PrayerKristy ThomasBlog2021-01-26
The Joy of Participating in God’s MissionMike BradleyBlog2021-01-24
Three Days of Prayer 2021 - Take Our SurveyKristy ThomasBlog2021-01-08
Three Days of Prayer Begins Tuesday, January 5!Mike BradleyBlog2020-12-30
Update on Youth Events Around the AssociationMike BradleyBlog2020-11-24
Praying with ConfidenceMike BradleyBlog2020-11-24
2020 Annual Gathering Videos Now Available!Kristy ThomasBlog2020-10-29
2020 Annual Gathering Recap - Here's What You Need to KnowKristy ThomasBlog2020-10-15
Trustees Thank Jeff Wold for His ServiceBrodie TaphornBlog2020-10-14
2020 Annual Gathering - Here's How to Watch LiveKristy ThomasBlog2020-09-28
Remember the MissionMike BradleyBlog2020-08-24
LCMC Conflict Coaches To Be AvailablePerry FruhlingBlog2020-08-24
Conflict Resolution Workshop Video AvailablePerry FruhlingBlog2020-08-23
Conflict Coaches Workshop RescheduledPerry FruhlingBlog2020-07-28
LCMC Clothing AvailableCathy NicholBlog2020-07-27
Ordination Pins AvailableBlog2020-07-27
Meet Our New Service CoordinatorBrodie TaphornBlog2020-07-06
COVID-19 ResponseMark Vander TuigBlog2020-07-01
Getting to Know Firmly Rooted MinistriesBlog2020-07-01
Annual Gathering Registration is Now OpenMark Vander TuigBlog2020-06-25
Have You Updated Your Clergy Profile?LCMC Blog2020-06-24
LCMC 3.0 UpdateBlog2020-05-08
Annual Gathering Registration is Now OpenLCMC Blog2020-05-01
2020 Youth Event CanceledLCMC Blog2020-04-01
Intentional Interim Ministry Workshop CanceledLCMC Blog2020-04-01
Care Act Resources AvailableMark Vander TuigBlog2020-03-31
COVID-19 Resources for Congregations - Join the ConversationKristy ThomasBlog2020-03-25
FREE Home-Based Worship Resources AvailableKristy ThomasBlog2020-03-20
COVID-19 Pandemic - Pray Together With UsMark Vander TuigBlog2020-03-19
An Important Update Regarding Our 2020 Youth EventMark Vander TuigBlog2020-03-13
Intentional Interim Ministry Training Returns for 2020LCMC Blog2020-02-24
LCMC Announces Search for New Service CoordinatorLCMC Blog2020-02-10
Mark Your Calendars for Three Days of Prayer 2021Kristy ThomasBlog2020-01-30
2019 Annual Gathering Videos Now Available for StreamingKristy ThomasBlog2020-01-29
Three Days of Prayer Starts TOMORROW!Kristy ThomasBlog2020-01-06
Register Now for Our 2020 Youth Event!Kristy ThomasBlog2019-11-20
LCMC to Host Conflict Coaches Training EventPerry FruhlingBlog2019-11-19
LCMC Service Coordinator Position UpdateBlog2019-11-18
Get Ready for Three Days of PrayerKristy ThomasBlog2019-10-24
LCMC Just Held Its 19th Annual Gathering & Convention - Here's Everything You Need to KnowKristy ThomasBlog2019-10-06
Watch LIVE - 19th Annual Gathering and ConventionKristy ThomasBlog2019-09-29
19th Annual Gathering & Convention UpdateKristy ThomasBlog2019-08-22
Early Bird Annual Gathering Registration Ends Soon!Kristy ThomasBlog2019-07-31
LCMC to Offer Church Planting Boot CampDan ClitesBlog2019-07-22
LCMC to Host 2020 Youth EventKristy ThomasBlog2019-06-26
Church Planting UpdateLCMC Blog2019-06-24
19th Annual Gathering Logo Items Now AvailableKristy ThomasBlog2019-06-20
Appellate Court Upholds Housing Allowance for MinistersLCMC Blog2019-04-24
Register Now: 19th Annual Gathering and ConventionKristy ThomasBlog2019-04-01
2019 Annual Gathering Photo Contest Announced!Kristy ThomasBlog2019-03-29
Church Planting Retreat to Be Offered During Annual GatheringDan ClitesBlog2019-03-28
LCMC to Offer Conflict Resolution WorkshopsPerry FruhlingBlog2019-02-26
Pastor Directrory UpdateMark Vander TuigBlog2019-02-25
2019 Annual Gathering UpdateJulie SmithBlog2019-02-24
Mark Your Calendars for Three Days of Prayer 2020Kristy ThomasBlog2019-02-20
Financial UpdateMark Vander TuigBlog2019-01-29
LCMC to Offer Basic and Advanced Intentional Interim Ministry TrainingBlog2019-01-28
Are You Connected?Cathy NicholBlog2019-01-27
Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church Installs Rev. Cynthia ConeBlog2018-12-03
2019 Leadership Conference UpdatePerry FruhlingBlog2018-11-30
Everything You Need to Know for Three Days of PrayerKristy ThomasBlog2018-11-09
Annual Gathering Videos Now Available for StreamingKristy ThomasBlog2018-11-08
Video: Our Association Needs Your SupportMark Vander TuigBlog2018-11-05
LCMC Stickers On Sale Now!Kristy ThomasBlog2018-10-22
792 Attend 18th Annual Gathering in Des MoinesKristy ThomasBlog2018-10-10
18th Annual Gathering - Here's How to Watch LIVEKristy ThomasBlog2018-10-07
New Resource AvailableLCMC Blog2018-10-01
Youth Mission Trip Details AnnouncedBlog2018-09-06
175 Attend Called 2: Follow Youth EventMark Vander TuigBlog2018-08-21
Why Attend the Annual Gathering?Mark Vander TuigBlog2018-08-20
Start Planning Now for Three Days of PrayerKristy ThomasBlog2018-08-16
Meals from the Heartland Service Project UpdateLCMC Blog2018-07-19
Headed to One of These Great Events? Don't Forget to Register!Kristy ThomasBlog2018-07-18
Church Planting Retreat to Take Place After Annual GatheringDan ClitesBlog2018-07-17
LCMC Congregations to Organize Youth Mission Trip in 2019Blog2018-06-18
Annual Gathering Photo Contest Ends July 16thKristy ThomasBlog2018-05-30
Interested in Serving in an Interim Ministry Role?Perry FruhlingBlog2018-05-29
MFTH Service Project UpdateKristy ThomasBlog2018-05-16
Seminarian Retreat Registration Now OpenKristy ThomasBlog2018-04-03
18th Annual Gathering Registration is OpenKristy ThomasBlog2018-04-03
LAST CALL for Called 2 Follow RegistrationMark Vander TuigBlog2018-03-29
Enter the 2018 Annual Gathering Photo ContestKristy ThomasBlog2018-03-23
LCMC Announces Intentional Interim Ministry Training for 2018Perry FruhlingBlog2018-03-22
Called 2 Follow Registration Closes March 31Kristy ThomasBlog2018-03-19
Our 2018 Service Project And How You Can HelpLCMC Blog2018-02-27
LCMC in Southeast AsiaMark Vander TuigBlog2018-02-26
2019 Three Days of Prayer Dates Announced!Kristy ThomasBlog2018-02-26
Get Mobile Updates!Kristy ThomasBlog2018-01-28
Seminary Students, Save the Date!LCMC Blog2018-01-24
Everything You Need to Know for Three Days of PrayerKristy ThomasBlog2017-12-29
17th Annual Gathering Videos Now AvailableKristy ThomasBlog2017-12-12
Sixth Annual Three Days of Prayer Kicks Off January 2Kristy ThomasBlog2017-11-30
Called 2 Follow Registration Opens December 1stMark Vander TuigBlog2017-11-27
Introducing LCMC's New Coordinator for Pastoral Ministry, Pastor Perry FruhlingMark Vander TuigBlog2017-11-23
Sale and Free Shipping on LCMC Logo Items Now Through December 15thKristy ThomasBlog2017-11-22
A Word from Mark...Mark Vander TuigBlog2017-11-15
Luther and Katy Presentation Well ReceivedLCMC Blog2017-10-20
Over 900 Attend LCMC 17th Annual GatheringKristy ThomasBlog2017-10-16
Our 17th Annual Gathering Kicks Off Tonight!Kristy ThomasBlog2017-10-08
Pastor Brian Goke Installed at Faith Lutheran Church of McLean CountyLCMC Blog2017-09-08
Healing from Church ConflictsBlog2017-09-08
Disaster Relief Efforts for Hurricaine HarveyLCMC Blog2017-08-28
Coordinator for Pastoral Ministry Application Deadline is August 31LCMC Blog2017-08-21
Early Bird Annual Gathering Registration Ends September 1st!Kristy ThomasBlog2017-08-11
Now Accepting Applications: Coordinator for Pastoral MinistryLCMC Blog2017-08-01
SALE: Shop the 17th Annual Gathering Collection!Kristy ThomasBlog2017-07-31
Coordinator for Pastoral Ministry Rev. Steve Lien to Accept New CallLCMC Blog2017-07-05
AG Photo Contest Deadline is July 17thKristy ThomasBlog2017-07-05
Installation of Rev. Mark and Rev. Wenda FryBlog2017-06-08
Shop the 17th Annual Gathering Collection!Kristy ThomasBlog2017-06-06
Enter the 2017 Annual Gathering Photo Contest!Kristy ThomasBlog2017-05-31
Register Now for our 17th Annual GatheringLCMC Blog2017-05-16
2017 Leadership Conference Wraps UpSteve LienBlog2017-05-11
Lutheran World Relief Service Project UpdateLCMC Blog2017-04-24
Introducing the LCMC StoreLCMC Blog2017-03-23
Our Newsletter Has a New Layout!Kristy ThomasBlog2017-03-14
New Scholarships Available!Kristy ThomasBlog2017-03-07
T. H. I. N. K.Ministry BoardBlog2017-02-17
We're Forming a Non-Geographic Hispanic Network!Mark Vander TuigBlog2017-02-17
Watch Now: 2016 Annual Gathering VideosKristy ThomasBlog2017-02-14
LCMC Hosts 5th Annual Three Days of PrayerKristy ThomasBlog2017-02-01
Save the Date: Called 2 Serve 2018!Kristy ThomasBlog2017-01-12
Three Days of Prayer Starts Today!Kristy ThomasBlog2017-01-03
LCMC to Offer Interim Ministry TrainingSteve LienBlog2016-12-27
Congregations Team Up for Faith in Action DayBlog2016-11-28
Register Now: 2017 Leadership ConferenceLCMC Blog2016-11-08
Over 800 Attend 16th Annual Gathering in DenverKristy ThomasBlog2016-10-06
Our Website Has a New Layout!Kristy ThomasBlog2016-10-03
Our 16th Annual Gathering Starts Today! Here's How to Watch LIVE...Kristy ThomasBlog2016-10-02
LCMC Launches New Logo and Mobile AppKristy ThomasBlog2016-10-02
Meals from the Heartland Service Project UpdateLCMC Blog2016-09-29
Grand View University Welcomes LCMC for Called 2 Serve Youth EventKristy ThomasBlog2016-08-03
LCMC to Launch New Website, Logo at Annual GatheringKristy ThomasBlog2016-08-02
Plan Now: 5th Annual Three Days of PrayerKristy ThomasBlog2016-08-01
LWR Service Project UpdateLCMC Blog2016-07-31
LCMC Cambodia Partners with ALWM, ILT for the 5 Year ChallengeBlog2016-06-03
Annual Gathering Photo Contest Now Open!Kristy ThomasBlog2016-05-27
Service Project Update: Lutheran World Relief and Meals from the HeartlandLCMC Blog2016-05-25
Annual Gathering & Seminarian Retreat: Online Registration Now Open!Kristy ThomasBlog2016-04-29
Leadership Conference Videos Now Available for StreamingKristy ThomasBlog2016-04-26
Service: A Central Part of Our Gatherings!Mark Vander TuigBlog2016-03-04
Called 2 Serve Deadline ExtendedLCMC Blog2016-03-02
E-Newsletter UpdateLCMC Blog2016-02-24
Scholarship Opportunity for Seminary StudentsBlog2016-02-16
Why an LCMC Youth Event?Mark Vander TuigBlog2016-02-05
LCMC Celebrates 4th Annual Three Days of PrayerKristy ThomasBlog2016-02-02
2016 Event Registration DeadlinesKristy ThomasBlog2016-01-28
Advice Regarding Interim PastorsSteve LienBlog2016-01-20
2015 Annual Gathering Videos Now AvailableKristy ThomasBlog2016-01-18
Three Days of Prayer Starts Tomorrow: Take Our Survey!Blog2016-01-04
Pastor Julie Gellert Installed and OrdainedBlog2015-12-02
Introducing MissionsLinkBlog2015-12-02
Registration Now Open for 2016 Leadership ConferenceLCMC Blog2015-11-25
LCMC Clothing Items Now AvailableBlog2015-11-23
Our 4th Annual Three Days of Prayer Takes Place January 5-7, 2016Mark Vander TuigBlog2015-11-18
Take the Service Coordinator Assessment Survey!LCMC Blog2015-11-11
Pre-Register Now for Called 2 ServeKristy ThomasBlog2015-11-06
Scholarship Opportunity for High School SeniorsMartha U. NelsonBlog2015-10-16
Our DNA: Tuesday and Wednesday RecapKristy ThomasBlog2015-10-07
Our DNA: 15th Annual Gathering Video UpdateKristy ThomasBlog2015-10-07
Our DNA: Sunday and Monday RecapKristy ThomasBlog2015-10-05
Our 15th Annual Gathering Starts Today. Watch It LIVE Here!Kristy ThomasBlog2015-10-04
Early Bird Registration Ends September 1st!Kristy ThomasBlog2015-08-24
Blood Drive Sign-Up Now Open!Kristy ThomasBlog2015-08-24
Time is Running Out!Kristy ThomasBlog2015-06-24
Plan Now: October is Pastor & Staff Appreciation Month!Steve LienBlog2015-06-23
Annual Gathering to Include Recognition of OrdinationsSteve LienBlog2015-06-22
LCMC Missions Forum UpdateBlog2015-06-11
Register Now for LCMC's 15th Annual Gathering!Kristy ThomasBlog2015-06-03
We've Launched CHURCHES CONNECT!Mark Vander TuigBlog2015-05-27
2016 Youth Gathering: Save the Date!Mark Vander TuigBlog2015-05-22
Churches ConnectMark Vander TuigBlog2015-05-19
Leadership Conference Podcasts Now AvailableKristy ThomasBlog2015-05-08
Please Take a Moment to Update Your Information!Kristy ThomasBlog2015-04-27
Last Call for Fellowship Activity Sign-Up!LCMC Blog2015-04-23
LCMC Staff Welcomes Photo Submissions for 2015 Annual Gathering BookKristy ThomasBlog2015-03-25
LCMC Clothing Items Now AvailableLCMC Blog2015-03-05
2015 Seminarian Retreat Registration Now Open!LCMC Blog2015-03-03
Word of God’s Mission Outreach MinistryBlog2015-02-27
Leadership Conference Update: Fellowship Activity Sign-UpLCMC Blog2015-02-11
LCMC Comes Together for Third Annual Three Days of PrayerKristy ThomasBlog2015-02-03
LCMC Forms Prayer Ministry TeamMark Vander TuigBlog2015-01-26
Don't Miss Out on LCMC's 2015 Leadership Conference!Steve LienBlog2015-01-26
Is the Holy Spirit Calling You to Be a Pastor? Start Here!Blog2015-01-23
Congregation & Clergy Directory UpdateLCMC Blog2015-01-19
How Would Your Congregation Use $5,000?LCMC Blog2015-01-01
LCMC Workshops to Continue in 2015Mark Vander TuigBlog2014-12-29
Three Days of Prayer Poll ResultsBlog2014-12-29
2014 Annual Gathering Videos Now AvailableKristy ThomasBlog2014-12-23
Call Committee Coach Training to Continue in 2015LCMC Blog2014-12-19
Global Mission Brings Global Perspective to Hawley Lutheran ParishionersBlog2014-12-02
Joy Lutheran Church Celebrates 3rd AnniversaryBlog2014-12-02
Registration is Now Open for iFollow: Life Together in the Way of JesusKristy ThomasBlog2014-11-26
Take Our Three Days of Prayer PollKristy ThomasBlog2014-11-19
Annual Gathering and MFTH Project Statistics Announced!Kristy ThomasBlog2014-10-29
We've Added a Search Bar!LCMC Blog2014-10-29
Three Days of Prayer Begins January 6th!Mark Vander TuigBlog2014-10-28
Our 14th Annual Gathering Has Officially Begun!Kristy ThomasBlog2014-10-05
WE DID IT!Kristy ThomasBlog2014-09-08
Early Bird Annual Gathering Registration Ends September 1st!Kristy ThomasBlog2014-08-29
Stained Glass GiftBlog2014-08-25
Ordination & Installation of Pr. Becky HandBlog2014-08-22
New Training Opportunities Available for Certification InterviewersLCMC Blog2014-07-31
Annual Gathering Lodging UpdateLCMC Blog2014-07-28
Retirement Consultations to Be Offered at Annual GatheringBlog2014-07-15
American Lutheran Church Installs Pr. Jeff RedlinLCMC Blog2014-07-02
Take Back The SabbathBlog2014-06-16
Lutheran Church of South Sudan's Emergency Plan for Equipping Faithful LeadersBlog2014-06-16
Can We Really Feed 400,000 People?Kristy ThomasBlog2014-06-11
Annual Gathering Offers Fellowship Meet-Ups for Up-And-Coming LeadersKristy ThomasBlog2014-06-09
Congregations Make Historical Palm Sunday MarchBlog2014-06-02
Congregation Members Show Kindness, $5 at a TimeBlog2014-05-14
Our Technical Issues Have Been Resolved!LCMC Blog2014-05-06
Getting Connected!Mark Vander TuigBlog2014-04-29
LCMC Staff Welcomes Photo Submissions for 2014 Annual Gathering BookKristy ThomasBlog2014-04-22
LCMC 403(b) Retirement Plan UpdateLCMC Blog2014-04-07
Register Now for LCMC's 14th Annual Gathering!Mark Vander TuigBlog2014-03-27
LCMC Hosts Fall Retreat for Seminary StudentsBlog2014-03-26
LCSS Seeks Translated Copies of Luther's Small CatechismsBlog2014-03-25
Youth Encounter President Larry Johnson Announces His RetirementBlog2014-03-17
In Memoriam - Rev. Daniel J. WissmannBlog2014-03-12
Pr. Kristen Phillips Ordined, Pr. Glen Arlt Ordained and InstalledBlog2014-03-06
Meal Packaging Project UpdateKristy ThomasBlog2014-02-27
Wanted: Call Committee CoachesSteve LienBlog2014-02-27
Blessman Ministries Plants First LCMC Congregation in South AfricaBlog2014-02-26
Michigan Pastor Asks Christians to Come Together Against CancerBlog2014-02-12
Scholarship Opportunity for High School SeniorsKristy ThomasBlog2014-02-04
LCMC-ers Celebrate Second Annual Three Days of PrayerKristy ThomasBlog2014-02-01
LCMC Announces Leadership Training Events for Spring 2014Steve LienBlog2014-01-29
Annual Gathering Videos Now AvailableKristy ThomasBlog2014-01-29
LCMC Service Coordinator to Present New Workshop SeriesLCMC Blog2014-01-27
Survey: Three Days of PrayerKristy ThomasBlog2014-01-13
LCMC Staff to Mail Updated Clergy CardsLCMC Blog2014-01-09
Ringing in 2014 with Prayer, Church Planting and Feeding the HungryKristy ThomasBlog2014-01-01
Socially Responsible Fund UpdateBlog2013-12-26
Thoughts on Housing AllowanceBlog2013-12-10
Meet LCMC's New Coordinator for Pastoral MinistrySteve LienBlog2013-11-25
Lutheran Youth Take the Urban PlungeBlog2013-11-15
LWR Responds to Super Typhoon Haiyan, Offers ResourcesBlog2013-11-13
LCMC Apparel AvailableKristy ThomasBlog2013-11-11
LCMC Announces New Board Members, Facebook Groups and Future EventsKristy ThomasBlog2013-11-04
LCMC to Add New Staff Position, Package Meals in 2014Mark Vander TuigBlog2013-10-28
Over 120 People Enjoy Free Chili Cookoff and Comedy, Raise $500 for Children in NeedBlog2013-10-16
LCMC to Live Stream 13th Annual GatheringKristy ThomasBlog2013-09-24
LCMC: In the CloudMark Vander TuigBlog2013-09-23
Socially Responsible Fund Now Available for 403(b) ParticipantsBlog2013-09-19
Faith Community Lutheran Church Coordinates Relief Efforts for Flood DevastationKristy ThomasBlog2013-09-18
Lutheran Disaster Assistance Fund NewsBlog2013-09-16
St. Peter’s Lutheran to Host Missional ConferenceBlog2013-09-16
Metke 30 Years Still GrowingBlog2013-08-28
Stewards for Ragbrai Opens DoorsBlog2013-08-28
Rev. Dr. Paul Spaulding to RetirePaul SpauldingBlog2013-08-15
Accepting Applications for Coordinator for Pastoral Ministry PositionLCMC Blog2013-08-15
Texas District Hosts Missions-Themed GatheringBlog2013-08-13
National Lutheran Youth Event Makes an ImpactBlog2013-07-26
LCMC Hosts First Seminary SummitMark Vander TuigBlog2013-07-25
Church Staffing & Resource Center UpdateKristy ThomasBlog2013-07-22
LCMC Launches E-NewsletterKristy ThomasBlog2013-06-27
Congregational Updates for Summer 2013LCMC Blog2013-06-25
News & Notes from 2Q BY THE WORDBlog2013-06-17
Faith Community Church Opens DoorsBlog2013-06-17
Fall Mission Festival at St. Paul LutheranBlog2013-06-16
Pr. Floyd Shoup at St. Mark Lutheran ChurchBlog2013-06-16
Elevator Constructed at St. Mark's Evangelical Lutheran ChurchBlog2013-06-16
Etana Abdissa Debel, Luther Seminary StudentLCMC Blog2013-05-20
Members Invited to Share Photos for Annual Gathering BookKristy ThomasBlog2013-05-16
Disaster Relief Effort Opportunities Now PostedKristy ThomasBlog2013-05-15
Two Congregations Unite in Downtown SeattleBlog2013-05-13
Online Registration for Annual Gathering Now OpenKristy ThomasBlog2013-05-07
Calling All Church Planters!LCMC Blog2013-05-03
Pr. Rene D. Vega Ordained and Installed at the Iglesia Cristiana Luterana GenesisLCMC Blog2013-05-02
Prayer Warriors WantedBlog2013-04-26
2013 Leadership Conference: What Did You Think?Kristy ThomasBlog2013-04-15
Pr. Frederick Schumacher Ordained at Highland Lutheran ChurchLCMC Blog2013-04-09
LCMC Logo-Embroidered Apparel AvailableKristy ThomasBlog2013-04-08
Iglesia Cristiana Luterana Genesis to Ordain and Install Rene D. VegaLCMC Blog2013-03-07
We are Going to the Motor City!Mark Vander TuigBlog2013-02-26
Online Evaluation for Leadership Conference Now Active!Kristy ThomasBlog2013-02-12
Introducing Rev. Dan Clites, LCMC's Coordinator for New Ministry DevelopmentDan ClitesBlog2013-02-04
LCMC Comes Together for 3 Days of PrayerKristy ThomasBlog2013-02-03
LCMC and CALC Attend Breakforth CanadaBlog2013-02-01
2012 Annual Gathering Videos Now Available OnlineKristy ThomasBlog2013-01-31
LCMC to Host Church Council WorkshopsLCMC Blog2013-01-10
Share Your Three Days of Prayer ExperiencesKristy ThomasBlog2013-01-08
LCMC Invites All to Participate in Three Days of PrayerMark Vander TuigBlog2012-12-18
Leadership Conference Registration Now OpenKristy ThomasBlog2012-12-18
Surplus LCMC Logo-Embroidered Apparel Now AvailableLCMC Blog2012-12-06
2013 Leadership Conference Offers More Opportunities to AttendKristy ThomasBlog2012-11-29
Relief Efforts for Hurricane Sandy Victims Now Posted -- UPDATED!Kristy ThomasBlog2012-11-02
LCMC Haiti Churches Affected by Hurricane SandyKristy ThomasBlog2012-10-29
Coordinator for New Ministry Development Position Now Posted OnlineLCMC Blog2012-10-18
New Document Available for Congregations Calling New PastorsKristy ThomasBlog2012-10-17
LCMC to Post Video from 2012 Annual Gathering Online, No Release Date YetKristy ThomasBlog2012-10-15
Rev. Carol Clark and Rev. Frank Remski Recently OrdainedLCMC Blog2012-10-12
Annual Gathering Feedback and Suggestions WelcomeLCMC Blog2012-10-10
Aaaaaaaand we're LIVE!Kristy ThomasBlog2012-10-07
Annual Gathering Registration, Hotel & Business AnnouncementsKristy ThomasBlog2012-09-19
Shepherd of the Falls Lutheran Church Installs Pr. Susan WestlandLCMC Blog2012-09-17
LCMC Churches Host First Ever 3-Day Youth RetreatBlog2012-08-21
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Albuquerque Congregation Builds House for Community, Second CampusBlog2012-03-07
St. John's Lutheran Church Ordains Rev. Charles StevensonLCMC Blog2012-02-23
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