Connecting and Caring for Leaders

The month of May was a busy one for LeaderCare, part of LCMC 3.0. Pastors, leaders, and spouses came together in North Carolina and Iowa to be cared for, connected, and experience a retreat designed around health and wholeness in ministry. It was great to see leaders from across the LCMC spectrum ministering to one another, listening to one another, and praying for one another.

This was the second retreat for our Carolina leaders at Ridgecrest Conference Center in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Returning participants reconnected and spent 3 days reflecting on spiritual formation. Sessions were led by LCMC pastors from across the country in person and via Zoom.

The group learned about the history and focus of the spiritual disciplines. (As an example, did you know a recent study reported 70% of pastors only read scripture when preparing for a message?) Time in the word is just one component of spiritual formation. Spiritual formation is foundational to life in ministry, therefore, the retreat created space to practice and see how the disciplines shape us individually and as a body.

The LCMC Iowa District hosted their first retreat at Riverside Bible Camp in Story City, IA. Their retreat on relational formation included a powerful session by a husband and wife that highlighted the need for relational boundaries for the sake of leaders, families, and congregations.

We cannot have the church without relationships. This retreat is designed to allow the Holy Spirit space to redeem and transform the ways we relate to others based on our experiences, cultures, and family of origin. Participants spent time reflecting on the content in Life Together Groups, built relationships over meals, and worshipped together throughout the week.

It was powerful to see the way the Spirit was at work in and through people during these retreats. Pastors who were fizzling out found refreshment. People who entered defensive were softened. Others found encouragement in the group to know they are not alone!

These retreats are one component of LeaderCare through which we invite participants to slow down and open themselves to God’s transformative work in their lives.

LCMC has retreats for relational and spiritual formation ready, with 2-4 more in development. There are more retreats being planned in 2023-2024. Each has components of content and care, during which leaders have a safe space to voice real concerns, find connection, and foster health and wholeness for a lifetime in ministry.

Make plans to join the Iowa District in late October for their second retreat, keep an eye out for information on future opportunities, or contact me about bringing LeaderCare to your area.

Check out our calendar page and sign up for our monthly e-newsletter for more leadership development opportunities and a list of upcoming LCMC events. 

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