District & Fellowship Coordinators Meeting Recap

In June, leaders from ten existing and potential districts and fellowships, along with LCMC staff, had their annual meeting at Hosanna! Lutheran Church in St. Charles, IL.

The gathering was an excellent opportunity for the staff to learn more about the priorities and concerns of leaders, for the various districts and fellowships to share their stories, and for those considering forming (or re-forming) a district or fellowship to get some questions answered. It was also an opportunity to talk together about the crucial role districts and fellowships will play in LCMC 3.0.
About half of the churches in LCMC have reported participating in a district or fellowship. This participation is a way of connecting, equipping, and caring for congregations in a more direct and localized way.

While district and fellowship participation is voluntary, we hope to see more congregations take advantage of the opportunities available to them through districts and fellowships. The sharing of ideas and resources, the mutual support, the events and activities aim at enhancing the capacities of congregations to carry out their mission.
In the months ahead, the leaders of districts and fellowships will meet online regularly to think together about how districts and fellowships can be of greater service to the association.

If you are in an area without a geographic district or fellowship and would like to form one, or if you have and affinity group that would like to form as a non-geographic district or fellowship, contact Julie at julie@lcmc.net for more information.

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