Get Ready, Three Days of Prayer Begins January 4

From January 4-6, every congregation is invited to join together in prayer in celebration of the association's 10th Annual Three Days of Prayer.

We realize that every congregation in LCMC is different.  Consequently, we invite you to structure this intentional time of prayer in any way that makes sense for your congregation. 

In past years, some congregations have organized special events such as prayer vigils, services, walks, and Zoom meetings.  Others have simply asked people in there congregations to set aside some time to pray during each of the three days.  The following resources are also available online:

  • Sample Guide – A sample guide to Three Days of Prayer with suggested points of emphasis for each day (PDF Download)
  • LCMC Facebook – We will be posting on our official Facebook page during each of the three days.  Feel free to "Like" our page and to share our posts and graphics on your social media channels.
  • LCMC App – Download our app and "opt-in" for Three Days of Prayer notifications in your app settings to receive a message with suggested points of emphasis during each of the three days. 
  • More Resources  – Download sample guides submitted by other LCMC congregations by visiting our website. 

In keeping with tradition, we invite our congregations to share the creative ways in which they took part in Three Days of Prayer by taking our online survey

Additionally, those who would like to submit a photo from the event may do so by clicking here.  For best results, all photos should be in .jpg format and 300dpi resolution.  Please note that we are unable to accept Microsoft files (e.g. Publisher, Word, PowerPoint, etc.) in lieu of images.

All responses received by the Thursday, January 20 deadline will be considered for publication in an upcoming article on our blog and in our newsletter. 

No matter how you choose to structure this time of prayer, let's join together as an association of congregations to pray!

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