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When Facebook first became popular, I signed on thinking that it would be good for me to “stay in touch”.  I lasted about 3 days.  Mainly because I was overwhelmed with too much information!  It seems that some folks have trouble discerning what should be public and what should remain private.  TMI is still a problem in some cases, and it simply reflects a symptom of our culture: there seem to be few, if any, boundaries anymore.  Anything goes, and the more extreme, ridiculous and inflammatory the better.  However, Facebook does allow people to keep in touch and stay in the loop.

I now have a Facebook page as the Service Coordinator for LCMC.  My page is pretty lame…nothing inflammatory, political or personal, just a few posts once in a while to let people know where I am, where I’ve been and that’s about it.  LCMC has a Facebook page as well and I find it to be very well administered, having good questions, answers and discussion.  Plus, it is a source of information about what is happening in our association and in some cases what is happening in the lives of some of our pastors, leaders and congregations.  The posts that I most love to read are the requests for prayer.  Who would have guessed that the internet would be such a great network for people to pray!

If you have not yet signed up for our LCMC Facebook page, you can do so on our website, another great source of information as to what all is going on!  And this seems so natural for our association since we were born out of the Word Alone Network, another internet-based movement.  I love the words of Hebrews 11, “For we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses…”.  Obviously, the writer was not referring to the Internet, but now when I read it as a member of LCMC (an association that genuinely does occupy the “cloud” in the 21st century), all I can think of is us!

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