Life Together Groups

One of the greatest gifts God has given me in all my years of ministry in the Church has been to be on mission with those I love. I have been so blessed by multiple relationships with men and women who I can truly call safe-place people in my life. And having those relationships has given me a place to share the issues of life and ministry I’m facing and receive help to navigate those issues in healthier and more effective ways rather than trying to go it alone.

I have often experienced a coming together of these safe place people in what I call a Life Together Group. A Life Together Group is designed to provide a safe place for loving, connecting, and caring for leaders. Among the benefits in being part of a Life Together Group are the following:

  • Building friendships that are authentic and safe
  • Being connected, refreshed, and ministered to
  • Helping one another be attentive to God’s presence, voice, and activity
  • Helping one another experience God’s work of growing us up to live healthier and more mature lives

I’ve been teaching on and coaching others in starting up Life Together Groups for over three decades now. If you’d like to arrange a training seminar live or via Zoom for your district, fellowship, or region, contact me at

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