Lord, Do Whatever!

David served the purpose of God in his generation, or so we’re told in Acts 13:36. What a wonderful testimony to a person’s life. I wonder, will the same be said of us? Are we as Christian leaders and congregations, associations and denominations, serving the purpose of God in our generation?

As I write this article, LCMC is on the cusp of having over 1,000 congregations in the United States and in fifteen countries overseas. We have thousands of leaders – lay and ordained. We have multiple thousands of members in our congregations. We certainly have the people resources to carry out and serve the purpose of God in our generation. However, those numbers are not what gives me hope that what was said of King David might one day be said of us. What gives me hope is that we have been given Word, Sacrament, and Spirit.
We have been given the Word of God that will not return empty, the Word that will accomplish that which God purposes it to accomplish (see Isaiah 55:10-11).

We have been given the Sacraments in which God is at work, joining us to Jesus and transforming how we live life here and now (see Romans 6:3-4).

We have also been given the Holy Spirit, who gives us power to live lives of bold witness in the world today (see Acts 1:8; 1 Peter 3:15; Acts 4:29-31), who empowers us to give to others what the Lord has first given us, that they might be tangibly impacted with God’s love and God’s power (see Acts 3:1-8).

God has given us Word, Sacrament, and Spirit, however the question must still be asked: are we serving God’s purpose in our generation? Or is there something in us that hinders us from doing so?

Toward this end, a prayer that I am praying for everyone in LCMC, and for others throughout the body of Christ is this: “Lord, do whatever You need to do in us so You can do whatever You want to do through us that millions upon millions might be impacted with Your love and Your power.”

Please join me in this prayer so that what was said of David, might be said of us: we served God’s purpose in our generation. To God’s glory! Amen!

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