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The Lutheran Disaster Assistance Fund is up and running! Many LCMC congregations have responded to the initial appeal to establish an emergency fund, the goal of which is “To reach out to those impacted by disaster who otherwise would not have resources.” The fund has also received many generous donations from individuals nationwide.    

As of September 10, 2013, the Lutheran Disaster Assistance Fund has received over $75,300.  Of this, $49,800 has been designated by the donors specifically for Oklahoma tornado relief and $2,100 for response to the Colorado fires. Undesignated funds, of $21,900 will be used in response to future natural disasters.

Thus far we have received two applications for funds. Both applications have been approved by the LDA Application Review Board, comprised of five LCMC pastors from LDA-invested churches representing different regions of the country.     

The LDA funds directed to Oklahoma are being administered by Pastor Peter Balaban, pastor of Lighthouse Lutheran Church in Edmond, Okla. The LDA funds directed to the Colorado Black Forest fires are being directed by Pastor John Witkop of Bethel Lutheran Church in Colorado Springs.    

We hope that the LDA Fund will be able to respond with grants to all approved applications. Contributions designated for specific relief aid in the wake a natural disaster will be sent to the affected area.  Undesignated contributions will be deposited in the LDA Fund to be held in readiness for the next request for assistance.

To strengthen our ability to respond to requests, we continue to seek contributions from our member congregations. Each LCMC congregation is asked to prayerfully consider being a part of this mission. Contributions of $100 or more will be welcomed and can be submitted to:

Lutheran Disaster Assistance Fund

c/o St. Mark’s Lutheran Church

8300 C Avenue NE

Marion, IA 52302

To learn more about the LDA Fund or to apply for a grant, click here.
If you have questions, please contact the LDA Fund Chair, Dave Brauhn, at

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