Mark Your Calendars for Three Days of Prayer 2020

We often think of the new year as a time to start fresh and get back on track after a busy holiday season jam-packed with celebrations to attend and last minute errands to run.  So many of us set New Year’s resolutions in hopes of making ourselves healthier, happier, and better at things, yet in our culture of Fitbits and habit-tracking apps, we often neglect to schedule intentional time to simply bring up our concerns to Jesus and actually listen to what He has to say.

That’s why eight years ago, LCMC Service Coordinator Mark Vander Tuig started the tradition of inviting everyone to set aside some intentional time for prayer at the start of each new year. 

He once wrote, “ Our attitude toward prayer has often been characterized by saying, ‘Well, all we can do now is pray!’. Prayer is not the hopeless act of desperation. Prayer is a gift that God has given to us as a means to approach the throne of grace with confidence—like that of a child coming to her parents sharing concerns, victories, defeats and every part of life. It is an opportunity to express the deepest heartache and the greatest joy.” 

Over the years, congregations have chosen to participate in this event in a variety of ways, including organizing events, creating resources, and utilizing technology. Some have simply asked each of the people in their congregation to set aside some time for prayer for each of the three days. 

Join us from January 7-9, 2020, as we lift up our congregations, our country, and the nations in prayer for the eighth consecutive year. 

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to follow us at or sign up for Three Days of Prayer notifications in the LCMC app so you can follow along with us during each of the three days.

Detailed information on this event, plus resources submitted by other LCMC congregations, can be found online at three-days-of-prayer.

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