Mark Your Calendars for Three Days of Prayer 2021

LCMC pastors, members, and congregations from across the nation and around the globe joined together earlier this month to celebrate the association's 8th Annual Three Days of Prayer.

45% of followers who responded to our Facebook poll reported that this was their first time taking part in Three Days of Prayer with LCMC.

While everyone was invited to start off the new year by setting aside some intentional time to pray each day from January 7-9, participants were encouraged to organize each of the three days in any way that made sense for them.

While some congregations chose to organize prayer vigils, hold prayer services, or host other kinds of special events in order to help encourage others to pray, many LCMC-ers simply set aside some time during each of the three days to pray.

80% of people who took the poll said that they prayed on their own this year, while 20% told us that they attended an event organized by their congregation.

When asked whether they prefer praying individually or with a group of people, 70% of Facebook followers told us they most enjoy praying quietly on their own.

Our next annual Three Days of Prayer takes place January 5-7, 2021.

If you would like to follow along and pray with us during each of the three days, "Like" and follow our Facebook page or opt-in for Three Days of Prayer notifications in our mobile app. [Here's How]

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