Michigan Pastor Asks Christians to Come Together Against Cancer

I was listening to KLOVE on the way in to do my morning swim at the YMCA.  I heard the story about Darlene Zschech and her recent battle with cancer.  It just sort of ticked me off that Satan, through this disease, would attack a very gifted song writer for the Church! 

We have all prayed for individuals and many times we see people healed and sometimes they are not.  I decided to have my own personal WAR on this disease. I know that God can do something about this.  His word can be spoken and this disease would be gone!  He can work through researchers for their eyes to be opened or simply eliminate it. 

I'm asking you to encourage all churches and all Christians to ban together during the lenten season from March 5th to Easter Sunday April 20th to specifically join with me to pray to God, daily and in their services weekly, for a cure or elimination of this disease. 

I am going to personally contact as many church bodies in the United States and local congregations to join me in this quest for this Lenten season. 

Spread the idea around if you choose to. 

Pastor Mark Gerisch
Hope Lutheran Church
Caseville, MI

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  • Mark Onunda

    Pastor Mark I agree with you in totality. Cancer has become a great danger. Currently our LCMC pastor from East Africa is lying in Hospital at Kenyatta National Hospital Nairobi down with Liver cancer. I visited him on 22 February and I was devastated because his health has deteriorated completely. The Bills have gone too high and as a church we feel so bad about it. This disease is causing allot of harm. This is the third pastor in four years. Please pray for the pastor his name is Rev. Samuel Atunga Omagwa. Rev. Mark Anariko Onunda Pastor Holy Cross Lutheran Church - Umoja Nairobi Kenya. Coordinator of LCMC East Africa

    February 23, 2014 at 7:44am
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