New Videos and Media Coming Soon!

Good news, LCMC!
I have received the video media from the 2012 Leadership Conference and have begun the task of getting them ready to be uploaded to our website.
Due to popular demand, we plan on posting video of our three keynote speakers, Rev. Dr. Walter Sundberg, Rev. John Burke and Mrs. Rebecca Meidinger first, with many of the other presentations to follow.  
We have requested the PowerPoint files used by each keynote speaker at the conference.  PowerPoint files will be posted along with their respective video files.  For your convenience, they will be made available for download as soon as they are received.
All material will be posted to our Video & Media blog, which is located underneath the "Events" menu of our website. 
While we are unable to guarantee an exact posting date for any specific video or PowerPoint file, our hopes are to have everything available within the next couple of weeks.

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