Pastors Directory Changes

To better assist congregations, call committees, and others, the LCMC Ministry Board initiated changes to the pastoral list categories that will be reflected on the LCMC website in May 2024.

Current categories are not well defined and allowed pastors to be in more than one category. This unclarity was difficult to explain and created unrealistic expectations, especially among call committees. The updated categories will better reflect a pastor’s current call status.

The new categories will be:

  • Under LCMC Call – Those with a current letter of call to a LCMC congregation
  • Not Under LCMC Call – Those not currently under call or serving a non-LCMC congregation
  • Deployed as Chaplain – Called by an LCMC congregation and serving as a chaplain in military, healthcare, and other organizations
  • Deployed – Called by an LCMC congregation and serving a separate specialized ministry
  • Retired – Certified pastors who retired from their congregation
  • Emeritus – Certified pastors who received Emeritus status from their congregation
  • Inactive – Those no longer seeking call or who have been without a call for more than 3 years

Categories being removed:

  • Active
  • Available for Call
  • Available for Call and Ordination

Thank you to those who confirmed or updated their information already.

If you have not already done so, please update your information accordingly.  UPDATE CLERGY PROFILE >>

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