Payroll Made Simple with MinistryWorks

Payroll and tax filing services often cost way too much, especially for ministries, like yours, that rely on tithes, offerings, and donations. This was one of the reasons our preferred insurance provider, Brotherhood Mutual, created its own payroll company: MinistryWorks®.
“We serve more than 5,000 ministries, so our team has the expertise to help solve complicated payroll problems, especially for clergy,” said Mark Landrigan, assistant vice president for MinistryWorks.
Ministry payroll is complicated and time-consuming. Landrigan emphasized that just keeping up with the unique laws and tax codes can be a full-time job. “And if you make a mistake, the IRS could hit you with costly back taxes and penalties,” he said. “Ministry payroll is all we do. We can handle the particulars that keep you up at night—ministerial housing allowances, dual tax status, W-2s, and more.”
As an added benefit, every MinistryWorks customer has a personal payroll specialist. “This individual will know you on a first-name basis, and they understand the peculiar ins and outs of ministry payroll—tax issues for pastoral staff, government policies and compliance issues, and more,” said Landrigan.
Additional services include healthcare reporting and Time and Attendance, so your staff can check in remotely and you can track and manage time cards, time-off requests, and accruals.
You can learn more by visiting They have free resources to help with tough payroll issues. The site also has a payroll calculator so you can quickly compare them to your current payroll method—most customers save 20-50%* when switching from comparable services to MinistryWorks.
We invite you to contact MinistryWorks to learn more. They are focused on making payroll simple, fast, and affordable, so you can give more to what matters—ministry.
Visit or call 866-215-5540.

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