Please Take a Moment to Update Your Information!

In the past few years, has your congregation:

  • Called a new pastor?
  • Posted an item to our Resource Sharing page?
  • Had changes to its statistical data?
  • Changed its address, phone number, website URL, or email address?

If so, please take a moment to review our website and let us know if there are any changes to your information.  To ensure that your updated information is received by our staff, please follow the instructions listed below. 


Church Staffing & Resource Center

If your congregation has submitted a Church Staffing Position or a Resource Item via the LCMC website, and the position or item is no longer available, please let us know.  Church Staffing and Resource Center items can be deleted in one of the following ways:

If you posted the position or item:

  • Login to your myLCMC Account.  On your myAccount page, use the "My Staff Openings" and/or "My Item Listings" tabs to view and delete your postings.
  • If you forgot your password or have trouble logging in to your account, click here.

If someone else posted the position or item:


E-Newsletter Mailing List

If you have signed up to receive the LCMC E-Newsletter, but need to update your email address, please follow the steps below.  For more information on our E-Newsletter, visit Community  >  Newsletters  >  E-Newsletter (or click here).

  1. Visit the homepage of our website at, then scroll to the bottom of the page. 
  2. In the bottom left corner, you will see a section that says "Newsletter Sign Up". 
  3. Enter your new email address into the white text box. 
  4. Click on the red "subscribe" button. 
  5. Enter your old email address into the white text box. 
  6. Click on the "unsubscribe" link. 
  7. Your email address has now been updated. 


LCMC Directory

If your Congregation, District, or Clergy profile needs to be updated, please let us know.  Go to Documents  >  Applications & Forms  >  Update Contact Information (or click here) to notify us of any updates to contact information, statistics, or pastoral status. 


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