Small Churches: A Priority in LCMC 3.0

Small churches have tremendous impacts for the kingdom of God in their local communities and in other countries around the world.  Over five hundred of our member churches in LCMC have one hundred members or less.  These two facts are why serving, encouraging, and equipping the leaders and members of our small churches is one of the priorities in LCMC 3.0.

I served two congregations of one hundred members or less in my years of ministry and know from personal experience that, while such churches may be small numerically, they can impact people’s lives in powerful ways.

To better serve and support our small congregations, LCMC will be sending out a survey as to what your felt needs are for word and sacrament ministry, as well as management of ministry responsibilities in your churches.  We want to learn from you so that we can better serve, support, and equip you for God’s purposes in the communities where you’re located.

Watch for this survey to come to you via “snail mail" and email in April.  Please be sure to take the time to read and respond by the May 1 deadline.  The more feedback we receive, the more effective we can be in supporting you. 

We look forward to hearing from you.  God bless you all.

This article was updated to include the deadline for completing the survey. 

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