Staff Openings & Resource Sharing: A Tutorial

In the creation of our new site, we've given LCMC site users the ability to post staff openings and resource items for other LCMC members to view.  

LCMC congregations can submit job descriptions for open ministry positions through our website.   Once these open positions have been approved by an administrator, they will be posted to our Open Positions page, where they can be viewed by interested applicants.
We have also created a Resource Sharing center, which allows individuals or congregations to list items, such as books, videos or equipment, that they have to sell, loan or give away to other congregations.
Getting the word out about an open position or an item that you would like to share is easy.  

Here's how:

  1. If you haven't already, create a myLCMC account by clicking here.  Once you have an active myLCMC account, you'll be able to post your staff openings and/or resource items. 
  2. Make sure that you are logged into your account.  To find out whether you're logged in, check the top of the page.  If you are not logged in, there will be a "login" option at the top of the page, like so:
    login info
  3. If you are not logged in, click on that "login" link.  You will be redirected to a new page that looks like this:
    login screen
  4. Type in the username and password you have created and click the "Submit" button.  
  5. Under the "Community" tab of our website, find and click the menu item titled "myLCMC". You should be able to see the myAccount page, which looks something like this:
    mylcmc screen shot


From here, you can now post resource items and job postings.

Job Openings:

  1. Click on the "My Staff Openings" tab.  It should be the one in the middle.
  2. You should see a button that says "Create New Staff Opening". Click it.
  3. Fill out the form.
  4. Click the "Save" button.


Resource Items:

  1. Click on the "My Item Listings" tab.  It should be the last of the three tabs.
  2. Find and click the "Create New Item Listing" button.
  3. Fill out the form.
  4. Click the "Save" button.


Please note: Your job posting or resource item listing may not appear on our site immediately.  It must first be reviewed and approved by a member of our staff before it can be published to our site.

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