Start Planning Now for Three Days of Prayer

If you haven't already begun to do so, it's time to start planning for our next annual Three Days of Prayer event, which takes place January 1-3 2019

Following the trend of past years, the theme for each day is as follows:

  • January 1 is a day focused on confession
  • January 2 is a day for petition
  • January 3 is a day for vision

There's no right or wrong way to structure this event, so do what works best for your congregation.  In past years some of our congregations have held special prayer services, some have had prayer vigils, others organized special activities like prayer walks, and others simply asked people to set aside some time for prayer each day. 

If you've never taken part in this event before, it's a great way to join together with LCMC-ers everywhere for a focused and intentional time of prayer.  Here are some tips for first time participants that were submitted to us in the past:

  • "Get the word out early!!!" – Rev. Alsen Wenzel (Yoakum, TX)
  • "Just do it.  Even if it only gets one or two to pray, that's better than none." – Laurel Bobb (Stow, OH)
  • "Start small and personally invite people to participate. If you have a prayer chain or a Bible study focused on prayer, encourage them to spend this extra time in prayer." – Julie Wood (Alpena, MI)
  • Tell the congregation ahead of time so they can prepare.  Handouts seemed to be helpful for the folks that couldn't come to church." – Paula Mann (Lasntana, FL)

If you're looking for resources to help in your planning, we've got you covered!  Check out our Three Days of Prayer Resources page for documents that have been submitted by other LCMC congregations. 

Also, we'll be sending out notifications through our mobile app during each of the three days reflecting on the theme for that day.  Whether you're a pastor, a congregation member, or just a random person who wants to pray, if you're interested in receiving these notifications, all you'll need to do is opt-in for Three Days of Prayer notifications in your mobile app settings.  [Here's How]

We look forward to kicking off another year by joining together in prayer with LCMC-ers from across the nation and around the globe! 

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