LCMC Haiti Churches Affected by Hurricane Sandy

According to CNN, Hurricane Sandy has claimed the lives of 67 people to date, 51 of which have been reported in Haiti.   Please check out our Prayer Blog to read the full prayer request article, which includes letters sent to our staff by LCMC pastors who maintain direct relationships with LCMC churches in Haiti.   If anybody has additional information to share regarding this topic, such as relief funds or prayer events, ... [...]

Coordinator for New Ministry Development Position Now Posted Online

Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ, by action at the 2012 National Gathering in Denver, is pleased to announce a new staff position: Coordinator for New Ministry Development.  This full-time staff position will help the association membership grow in mission by helping us implement the many faces of new church starts: traditional congregation, house church, etc. as the Spirit leads. More information and a complete ... [...]

New Document Available for Congregations Calling New Pastors

As LCMC Service Coordinator Rev. Mark Vander Tuig announced last week in Denver, a new document is available at our website to help congregations who may be transitioning from one pastor to another. Change Happens! is a downloadable guide specifically designed to help provide guidance and hope to congregations who are experiencing a time of transition between pastors. This document is designed to accompany the LCMC Call Packet, ... [...]

LCMC to Post Video from 2012 Annual Gathering Online, No Release Date Yet

Video coverage and PowerPoint/Keynote slides (when applicable) from the presentations made at the 2012 Annual Gathering in Denver, CO will be made available in this area of our website at a later date. We will be sure to announce when these videos become available. Those in need of immediate access to any presentation from this event may do so by visiting and searching "LCMC". [...]

Rev. Carol Clark and Rev. Frank Remski Recently Ordained

LCMC is pleased to announce the ordination of Rev. Carol Clark at Faith Lutheran Church in Albuquerque, NM and the ordination and installation or Rev. Frank Remski at Reformation Lutheran Church in Westminster, CA. The photographs and bios listed below have been submitted to us for publication on our website and in our quarterly newsletter.   [...]

Annual Gathering Feedback and Suggestions Welcome

If you have not yet taken the time to do so, please consider filling out an evaluation form to let us know what you thought of this year's gathering. So that we are able to have all of this information processed in time for our next Board of Trustees meeting, please be sure that we are able to receive your evaluations no later than Friday, October 26, 2012. Thank you, LCMC, for another great... [...]

Aaaaaaaand we're LIVE!

Live coverage of the 2012 LCMC Annual Gathering in Denver, CO is now available on our website. Site users can view live video of the gathering by clicking the orange button located at the top of our homepage, or by visiting [...]

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