Metke 30 Years Still Growing

BLOOMFIELD — "Bloom where you're planted," said Pastor Brian Metke.

Thirty years ago, fresh out of seminary, Metke was planted at Trinity Church, his first and only congregation.   

On July 10, shortly before lugging duffle bags bloated with supplies for a mission trip to Kenya into the open trunks of vehicles belonging to volunteers not long before their flight, he said he has no plans on ... [...]

Stewards for Ragbrai Opens Doors

Immanuel Lutheran Church of Harlan Iowa, in an effort to house bikers, opened its doors to create an oasis for more than 1,134 riders and support crew for 24 hours. Ragbrai, an anachronism for Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa, a 40 year tradition to start by dipping the rear tire in the Missouri River, then bicycle 468 miles across Iowa’s July heat to complete a dipping of the front tire into the Mississippi ... [...]

Rev. Dr. Paul Spaulding to Retire

I thank God for the privilege of serving LCMC as Pastoral Certification Coordinator since 2009.  I am announcing my retirement from this position effective, December 31, 2013. I have had the joy of being involved in the process for hundreds of pastors coming to LCMC.  LCMC is blessed with pastors committed to their Lord and to ministry.  My prayer is that they, and LCMC’s congregations, will not settle back, but will ... [...]

Accepting Applications for Coordinator for Pastoral Ministry Position

As has been announced in an earlier post, Pastor Paul Spaulding is retiring at the end of this year.  The Board of Trustees has approved a new job description (view description) and is calling for letters of application.  The application process will close on September 15th, 2013 and requires a letter of interest, resume’ and the answers to three questions.  All materials are to be sent to Pastor Larry Lindstrom either ... [...]

Texas District Hosts Missions-Themed Gathering

The Texas District of the LCMC met in their Annual Convention August 2nd and 3rd  hosted by St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in New Braunfels Texas.  The theme, “The River is Here,” spoke of the missional outreach which every member of the LCMC has at their fingertips!   Friday evening Rev. Dan Clites, LCMC Coordinator of New Ministry Development,  proclaimed God’s Word boldly in his message about ... [...]

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