Meal Packaging Project Update

Preparations for this fall's meal packaging project are underway, and we are making progress in raising the $80,000 needed for the supplies we will use to package 400,000 meals together at our Annual Gathering in October.   As of January, we have collectively raised $8,940.67 to be used for obtaining food, packaging materials and postage for the project.   Those wishing to make a donation to the project, or to download ... [...]

Wanted: Call Committee Coaches

It’s a work in progress, but I’m planning to put together a group of regional Call Committee Coaches to assist local congregations when they’d like a little help with the call process.  If you’re interested in learning more, or have ideas that I should incorporate into a training session, please email me at  [...]

Blessman Ministries Plants First LCMC Congregation in South Africa

Later this month, we will be planting the first LCMC Church in all of South Africa.  We will be calling Pastor Matt Shields, who is just finishing up his schooling at Luther Seminary.  The church will be in a rural country school house building that has electricity, running water and an outdoor toilet.  It is a gathering place for our rural farm area, is the voting polling place, and has a soccer field where nearby farmers ... [...]

Michigan Pastor Asks Christians to Come Together Against Cancer

I was listening to KLOVE on the way in to do my morning swim at the YMCA.  I heard the story about Darlene Zschech and her recent battle with cancer.  It just sort of ticked me off that Satan, through this disease, would attack a very gifted song writer for the Church!  We have all prayed for individuals and many times we see people healed and sometimes they are not.  I decided to have my own personal WAR on this ... [...]

Scholarship Opportunity for High School Seniors

When you add up to cost of tuition, books, lab fees, parking passes, and sometimes even room and board, the cost of a college education adds up fast.  Fortunately, one organization is offering an opportunity to help avoid racking up the debt.  The Lutheran Community Foundation plans to award one $5,000 scholarship to a graduating high school senior who plans to attend a Lutheran-affiliated college or university for the 2014-2015 ... [...]

LCMC-ers Celebrate Second Annual Three Days of Prayer

As the dreaded North American Polar Vortex of 2014 swept the continent earlier this year, bringing about strong winds, record low temperatures, and even airport closures, LCMC-ers of all ages prevailed, coming together from January 7-9 for Three Days of Prayer.  For the second time in the association's history, LCMC Service Coordinator Rev. Mark Vander Tuig invited members of LCMC to start off the New Year with three consecutive days of ... [...]

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