Upcoming List Changes

In the first part of 2024, the staff and Ministry Board will be working on a project to update the way our pastoral calls are categorized on the website. In preparation, we are asking all pastors to confirm their current status and update their pastoral profile. Here's How: Go to Directories > Pastors > All, or click here, to access the list of pastors.  Use the search bar at the top of the list to type in your ... [...]

Three Days of Prayer - Let Us Pray

As your service coordinator, two thoughts have caught my attention lately. The first is a thought from Martin Luther. I’ve been reading his book, A Simple Way to Pray, and in it he writes: “We must see to it that we do not lose the habit of prayer and deceive ourselves into thinking that other kinds of things are more important, when they are not.” The second thought is from Dr. Ed Stetzer as he spoke at our Annual ... [...]

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