Growth and Continuing Education

With a new budget year and the turning of the calendar often comes planning for new goals and new learning. LCMC is fortunate to have great educational partners, district and association resources that support pastors and lay leaders. How are you going to grow in ministry this year? How are you supporting your staff, ministry volunteers, and councils grow? [...]

Sharing Our God Stories - Billy Bob Fred Joe and Stan

Billy Bob Fred Joe Choctaw Pitzer (real name) and Stan Kellner. There is no reason you should know these names. But I do because through them God forever changed the trajectory of my life. Billy Bob Fred Joe Choctaw Pitzer and Stan Kellner. One was a tall and lanky lad from West Virginia. The other was a short and squat Jewish young man from Boston, MA who had been drawn to faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. They were two ordinary ... [...]

Vision Planning for Districts

At times, the talk about the role of districts and fellowships in the ongoing work of LCMC can seem a bit overwhelming. Congregations finding creative and appropriate ways, and enough time, to work together to address shared needs and concerns is a new way of thinking for many of us. Districts and fellowships are two of the vehicles congregations can use to start to find ways for cooperation and mutual support. But sometimes, when ... [...]

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