Home Maintenance - The Joy of Sharing the Load

During my time as service coordinator, I have had numerous congregations who have been longtime members, as well as others who have recently joined LCMC, tell me that they “feel like they’ve come home.” We all know that moving into a house requires ongoing upkeep and maintenance, and this is also true for LCMC, which almost 1,000 congregations now call home. [...]

LCMC 403(b) Retirement Account Tips for Online Account Access and Beneficiary Designation

If you have an LCMC retirement account and have never accessed your account, you need to first register your account, which means setting up a user ID and password. (See: LCMC Quick Registration Instructions) If it has been over 3 months since your account was set up, your account access may need to be re-activated in order for you to register. Call the Participant Service Center at (800) 858-3829.  Here are some tips that may help ... [...]

Successful Succession - Providing for Tomorrow’s Saints Today (Part 2)

Previously, Rev. Wendy Poch, pastor of Spirit of Hope Lutheran Church in Parker, Colorado, began a series on successful pastoral succession using the example of the succession experience at Spirit of Hope (SOH). In this article, as the founding and predecessor pastor of the congregation, I will share with you my perspective about the process. In 2019, God began working in the congregation to prepare it for a future leadership change. None ... [...]

Register Now - 24th Annual Gathering & Convention

Registration is now open for our 24th Annual Gathering & Convention! The event, themed “Engaging Your Cultural Moment”, takes place September 29 - October 2 at St. Mark's Lutheran Church* in Marion IA. Together, we will explore how the cultural moments happening all around us can be seen not as something negative, but as potential opportunities for carrying out the Great Commission. [...]

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