2014 Annual Gathering Videos Now Available

Videos of the speakers at our 14th Annual Gathering in Des Moines, IA are now available at our website.  Videos of individual speakers, as well as manuscripts from our keynote speakers, can be found in our Video Blog.  This includes: Keynote Speakers: Rev. Dr. Walter Sundberg, Rev. Margaret Manning & Rev. Dr. Mark Mattes Preachers (Opening & Closing Worship): Rev. Julie Smith & Rev. Randy Freund Bible Study ... [...]

2012 Annual Gathering Videos Now Available Online

The first of the 12th Annual Gathering videos from Denver have been posted online at our website, and can be found on our Video & Presentations page. To view additional videos from this and other events, please keep checking back regularly, as new presentation materials are added as they become available. Please Note: Due to various technical difficulties... [...]

What in Haiti Are You Doing?

Is your congregation doing mission work in Haiti?  Would you and your congregation like to partner with a LCMC - Haiti congregation? The Board of Trustees has scheduled a breakout session at the fall assembly for all of us who have the call to share in the Gospel work of Jesus Christ in Haiti.  If your congregation is currently involved with doing mission work in Haiti, please send a brief bio of your mission work and a couple of ... [...]

New Videos and Media Coming Soon!

Good news, LCMC! I have received the video media from the 2012 Leadership Conference and have begun the task of getting them ready to be uploaded to our website. Due to popular demand, we plan on posting video of our three keynote speakers, Rev. Dr. Walter Sundberg, Rev. John Burke and Mrs. Rebecca Meidinger first, with many of the other presentations to follow.   We have requested the PowerPoint files used by each keynote ... [...]

Leadership Conference Video Online

Happy April, LCMC! For those of you who plan on attending this year's Leadership Conference, the registration deadline of April 11th will be upon us in one week!   If you have not yet registered and still plan on attending, please be sure to let us know by sending us your completed registration form ASAP. For those of you who are unable to make it to Fargo this year, we do have plans to make video from the conference ... [...]

First Annual Gathering Videos Posted!

Good news, everybody! Videos from the first two talks at the 11th Annual Gathering are finished and posted. Feel free to check them out here. You can also find them on our website under Annual Gathering > Annual Gathering Presentations. I will be posting the rest of this year's Annual Gathering videos as I finish them, so check back regularly. I am hoping to have more finished next week.   [...]

11th Annual Gathering Videos Update

I am happy to announce that I have received the video files from the 2011 Annual Gathering. I plan on uploading these videos to our website and our YouTube page as soon as the files are done being edited. Please keep in mind that the video editing process can be quite time-consuming, so it may take a while for me to be able to get all of the content put together and onto the internet. I still have some technical difficulties to work out ... [...]

11th Annual Gathering Videos

In response to the high volume of email requests that we have been receiving regarding video coverage of the presentations made at the LCMC 11th Annual Gathering, let me first apologize that it is taking a bit longer than expected to get these items posted to our website. Rest assured, we are working hard to ensure that video content will be made available on our website and on our YouTube page as soon as possible. The video editing process ... [...]

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