Texas District Hosts Missions-Themed Gathering

The Texas District of the LCMC met in their Annual Convention August 2nd and 3rd  hosted by St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in New Braunfels Texas.  The theme, “The River is Here,” spoke of the missional outreach which every member of the LCMC has at their fingertips!   Friday evening Rev. Dan Clites, LCMC Coordinator of New Ministry Development,  proclaimed God’s Word boldly in his message about how we are to get from “here” to “there” and the joy that is ready for all who let engage in the process of moving toward God’s preferred future.

Keynote speakers for the event were the Rev. Mark Vander Tuig and Rev. Enrique Estrada.  Each told of the urgency for all to engage in the mission of the church.  We are to be in the business of first being disciples then go about the process of making disciples who make disciples who make disciples. This process should help lead us to a place where the Lord will show His church His vision so that His glory is revealed.  This process will only happen when we can put things that allow conflict to happen in their proper perspective, being certain we “never let the sun go down on our anger.”

There were breakout sessions as there are with most Gatherings which all focused upon various aspects of missional living.  Breakout sessions that dealt with local issues were our Youth Ministry team, a session highlighting Family Ministry, as well as a session on digging into the Scriptures.  On the District level there were presentations on Lutherans for Life, Via De Cristo, Kairos Prison Ministry, Women of the Word, as well as a presentation on new church plants from the Texas District mission team.  On the national level we heard about the nuts and bolts of the LCMC.  Finally, from the international mission front, we heard from international missional opportunities such as the Eastern European Mission Network, Mexico Mission International, and Faith Missions International from Haiti.

In all, about 270 delegates, guests, volunteers and hosts made the event a powerful time for the fifty plus churches of the Texas District.  It was a time of prayer, of conversation, great food, awesome worship, as well as a time to reflect on our next steps together both as congregations and as a District.  It is the best of times to be part of one of the greatest opportunities in God’s Kingdom work today!

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