The Power of Relationships

In February, I was invited to join the Texas District for their annual Winter Retreat. What I witnessed, and was welcomed into, was an atmosphere of relationship. As the participants gathered, old friends and longtime colleagues reunited, picking up where they left off the last time they gathered. I witnessed new people being welcomed in. New relationships were formed. This relational atmosphere created space for people to pray for one another, share honestly, and laugh often, deepening relationships and creating new ones. This type of supportive atmosphere exists throughout the association and within our districts.

It is this relational atmosphere that is key to the success and flourishing of LCMC. These relationships help our pastors and leaders – lay, ordained, staff, and volunteer – stay healthy and be supported. As our pastors and leaders develop in healthy and supportive ways, it shapes our congregations into healthy and supportive communities. As LeaderCare continues to roll out across the association, these strong, supportive district relationships are the ideal partnership. They are safe-spaces that allow participants to be open and honest. Participants know the ongoing connections will support them long after the retreat.

It is in this relational atmosphere that pastors and congregations can reach out for help, hold one another accountable, and encourage one another in the mission of the Gospel! If you haven’t engaged in a district, a local pastor’s group, or LifeTogether group, I encourage you to jump in! The demands of ministry seem to be mounting, and there is no reason a congregation, leader, or pastor needs to go it alone.

There are great gatherings coming up. Find one near you and get connected!

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