The Purpose of Districts and Fellowships in LCMC

It’s great to be aboard the LCMC national staff as Coordinator for Districts and Fellowships.

While this is a brand new position, LCMC’s commitment to districts and fellowships goes back to our earliest days. Our founding documents highlight local, grassroots partnerships as crucial for congregational support in carrying out their missions.

Districts can be places for shared mission endeavors, collegiality and accountability, educational and service opportunities, church planting, and countless other aspects of congregational ministry that are more readily done with coordination and cooperation among local churches.

I look forward to getting to know the existing districts and fellowships in LCMC, learning more about the successes and challenges they have experienced, the goals they have for their shared work, and being a resource in whatever ways I am able.

There is also interest in forming new districts and fellowships and revitalizing others. Faithful attention and commitment to the kinds of work and witness that are more effectively done in partnerships will strengthen our entire association.

I am thankful for the opportunity to serve our association in this way.

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