Three Days of Prayer Starts Tomorrow: Take Our Survey!

Our 4th Annual Three Days of Prayer begins this week, January 5,6 and 7, 2016.  Obviously, we pray more than three days a year but this is an opportunity for the congregations of LCMC to spend this time together before the throne of Grace.  Each congregation is free and encouraged to do this in the way that seems best to them. 


Structuring Each Day

For us together, Day One is a prayer of Confession, recognizing that we have sinned against God, against one another and even against ourselves.  I believe the church will never rise up until we first get to our knees. 

Day Two is a day of petition, bringing every prayer and concern to the foot of the Cross.  There are so many in our congregations who are hurting—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  But we also pray for our congregations, the people of God to again humble ourselves before an Almighty God. 

Day Three is a day of prayer for direction, seeking God’s will and hope for the days to come.  How is it that we will be ambassadors for Christ in this generation and cultural context.


Poll & Newsletter Article

We've created a short survey for anyone who has taken part in Three Days of Prayer this year.  Those who fill it out will have the chance to answer poll questions, share their experiences with Three Days of Prayer, upload (optional) photos and offer advice and ideas to congregations who may be taking part in it for the first time.  Responses to the survey will be used in consideration for a future article in our newsletter and website and must be submitted by January 22, 2016

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Learn More

For more information on Three Days of Prayer, as well as resources, click here or go to Events > Annual Events > Three Days of Prayer

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