Three Days of Prayer Starts TOMORROW!

Our 8th Annual Three Days of Prayer is officially begins tomorrow! 

In keeping with tradition, the focuses for each of the three days are as follows:

  • January 7 - Confession
  • January 8 - Petition
  • January 9 - Vision

We will be sharing daily reflections on the themes for each of the three days, so be sure you're following our Facebook page and/or have "opted in" for Three Days of Prayer notifications in our mobile app [here's how] if you would like to follow along. 

Whether you're taking part in a prayer walk, attending a prayer service or vigil, or simply setting aside some intentional time to pray on your own, we love seeing how our congregations, pastors, and members chose to organize each of the three days. 

If you're following us on social media, please use the hashtag #LCMC3DOP2020 when sharing your photos, experiences, and reflections during each of the three days so others can find them. 

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