Vision Planning for Districts

At times, the talk about the role of districts and fellowships in the ongoing work of LCMC can seem a bit overwhelming. Congregations finding creative and appropriate ways, and enough time, to work together to address shared needs and concerns is a new way of thinking for many of us.

Districts and fellowships are two of the vehicles congregations can use to start to find ways for cooperation and mutual support. But sometimes, when considering all the possibilities and all the needs in front of us, leaders of districts and fellowships aren’t sure where to begin.

This year one of my goals is to work with our district councils in formulating and implementing their visions for what they want their district to be. I have tremendous confidence in the capabilities of our district and fellowship leaders, and I have no intention of charting a course for them. That’s not how LCMC works! But I would love to do a day-long retreat with any district councils that are interested. The purpose of the retreat would be to identify what your district does well, what needs you see in your congregations, what gifts you have to meet those needs, and what resources you need to be as effective as possible in your shared work.

If this sounds like something your district would be interested in, please talk it over with your council leadership and be in touch! 

If your district is interested in this opportunity, please contact Julie Smith, LCMC Coordinator for Districts and Fellowships, at

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