We’re On It – An Update on the Small Church Survey

Recently, we took a survey of ordained and lay leaders in our small churches in LCMC. Thank you for your responses. Your feedback has not only been received, but is being followed up on by the LCMC Board of Trustees, Ministry Board, and staff.

One example comes from our board of trustees and ministry board meetings held April 12-14 in Minneapolis. The boards affirmed a proposal to create a comprehensive plan for leadership and pastoral development. This plan will certainly impact our smaller congregations, but it will also impact our larger congregations in the association. Furthermore, it will create opportunities to network small, mid-size, and larger congregations with one another.

The point person for the development and implementation of this plan will be our coordinator for leadership and pastoral development, Pastor Christian Huntley. Christian will work with leaders from around the country and with ministries already in existence at the grassroots, regional, and district levels. He will be helping to network these leaders and ministries with one another. This will include an effort to make our congregations aware of resources that are already available for them to access, and of resources that may be created in the coming months.

An opportunity to speak with us personally will be at our Annual Gathering in October. There will be a focus group you can attend to share feedback on issues such as clergy shortage, next-gen leaders, and creative staffing. These issues affect our churches across the board, not just our smaller congregations. We will receive and process your feedback, using it to help us create and implement strategic initiatives at the grassroots, district, and national levels.

Thanks for the feedback we’ve already received from so many of you. And please, know, it is being processed and acted on. You will see this in action in the coming. May God continue to bless, encourage, empower, and make provision for your call to carry out the mission of the gospel that millions might be impacted by God’s love and God’s power!

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