You Are Invited to Get Excited About Global Missions

From the very beginning, Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ has boldly declared a clear focus on “mission.” Our mission for Christ and His kingdom includes sharing the gospel to all the world. Our mission is always a global mission.

With this compelling focus in mind, immediately preceding the upcoming LCMC Annual Gathering & Convention near St. Louis, all delegates, pastors, and visitors planning to attend the gathering are cordially invited to consider coming a day early to attend the upcoming global mission conference on Saturday, September 30, held at the Best Western The Charles at 1425 S. 5th St., St. Charles, MO.

The conference will run from 5:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. The title of the conference is "It's Time: Understanding God's Heart for the Nations".  All are invited to attend.

The conference is sponsored by Celebrating Global Mission magazine and four Christian mission agencies: Awakening Lives to World Mission, Lutheran Bible Translators, World Mission Prayer League, and Friends of Madagascar Mission.

Many significant international mission ministries connect directly to LCMC.

Our three goals for this conference are:

  1. Study together God's heart for mission in the Word
  2. Discern together through prayer, God's guidance for our response as congregations, organizations and individuals
  3. Encourage networking

Ultimately, we wish to ignite within the hearts of the people and congregations of LCMC, a Biblically-based vision for global mission resonating with God's vision for His world.

In this brief three-hour conference, each of the four ministries will provide a speaker/teacher with a 15-minute reproducible Bible study on the theme, followed by 10 minutes each session of prayer and conversation in groups of two to three.

Our Service Coordinator, Rev. Mike Bradley, will be with us to bring a greeting. After the conference, these four Bible studies will be available for all to use in their respective parishes to stir deeper study and dialogue about God's heart for the world.

Please prayerfully consider attending this conference, and partnering with us in spreading God’s passion for all people across the globe!

To register, please contact Pastor Bill Moberly at or (505) 803-5271.

We look forward to a wonderful time at this conference, growing deeper to resonate with God’s heart. We are praying that God’s Spirit will lead many to attend.

Together for Christ and His kingdom,

Celebrating Global Mission Magazine
Awakening Lives to World Mission
Lutheran Bible Translators
World Mission Prayer League
Friends of Madagascar Mission

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