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Augustana DistrictThe three words that best describe the primary focus of the Augustana District are: Theology, Church and Mission. We exist to serve congregations of LCMC by tending to theology, serving the practical needs of congregations and actively promoting and coordinating mission ventures. Our District Council, four boards, part-time service coordinator and support staff assist the district in carrying out these commitments.Non-Geographichttp://www.augustanadistrict.org/
Epiphany DistrictThe Epiphany District seeks to provide educational resources that have their foundation in the Holy Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions for all who wish to remain true to God's Word.Non-Geographichttp://epiphanydistrict.com/
Great Lakes DistrictWe are an intentional and voluntary association of congregations and Christians who follow Christ by living in accordance with the Scriptures and passionately caring for one another. Therefore, we will pray for each other, gather together, and equip each other. We will follow the great commission by encouraging growth in the grace of Jesus and reaching out to the bruised and broken with the touch of the Triune God � Father, Son and Spirit. We are a community who welcome all, including the broken hearted, lost and hurting.Geographic
Heartland District"In Christ Alone we never stand-alone here in the Heartland! The Heartland District welcomes congregations in Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, and Western Iowa. We are here to assist when congregations or pastors struggle through crisis or the call process. We gather annually for worship, support, fellowship and enrichment at our Annual District Gathering and our Annual Women of the Word Gathering. We also offer scholarships for seminary students through the district and district congregations.Geographicwww.heartlanddistrict.com
Intermountain West DistrictIntermountain West is an association of churches in the Southern Idaho and Utah areas. We are connected through our love for Christ and our sense of mission both to the Intermountain area as well as the world. We are intent on networking for the purposes of fellowship, support, and shared resources to encourage churches in their pursuit of the Kingdom.Geographichttps://lcmc-iwd.net
Iowa DistrictWe desire to serve LCMC congregations by providing opportunities for leaders and congregations to connect, to be encouraged, to learn, and to grow.Geographichttp://www.iowalcmc.org/
LCMC East Africa DistrictThe LCMC East Africa District operates within the region of East African countries to open up the African continent to classic Lutheran theology.Geographic
Northwest DistrictThis district includes Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Canada.Geographichttp://www.lcmc-nw.com
Texas DistrictThe mission of the Texas District is Multiplying Disciples & Churches. We seek to support, equip, and encourage our congregations through our work leadership development, church planting, and congregational revitalization. In 2020, we launched Harvest Workers, an online, on-demand ministry training program to equip the women and men God is calling. Learn more at www.harvestworkers.net.Geographicwww.lcmctexas.org